Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

Merry Merry! And a Happy New Year to everyone in the modern miniatures community and beyond. It's been a pretty good year. I'm always amazed at the number of people who dig on this hobby--whether they consider themselves interested in dollhouses or not. I think that number has increased a bit thanks to the ongoing "I'm a Giant" dollhouse challenge and the multitude of miniature blogs that show this hobby/interest isn't always fuddy-duddy or smelling like moth balls.

I do hope the New Year brings more interest in the hobby. I also would like to see:
  • a modern farmhouse dollhouse
  • some modern offerings from traditional miniature companies
  • some more modern dollhouses and miniature items from old school toy manufacturers. (Seriously...Hello?? If you make it well, we will buy it.) 
  • more modern artisans entering the marketplace. Speaking of new artisans...
The walnut credenza with the stainless steel door in the images above was created by Logan Hendrickson of One Forty Three. I can't remember if I learned about him from Mini Dork, Call Small or someone else. Either way, big thanks to the messenger. I love this network, man! Anyway, Logan is new to the miniatures world and I'm uncertain if he will stay but I hope he does because his work is very good. If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend collecting one or more of his creations. I paired his micro credenza with a few Paris Renfroe furniture pieces (dining table, bench and stools.) These 1:12 masculine beauties communicate very well together.  

Okay, can you believe that I actually made that chandelier? Yup, the non-crafty Mini Modern blogger made an unimpressive light fixture from Crate and Barrel ornaments, TAP Plastics scrap pieces, cardboard, painter's tape and putty. Sure, it's no Modfire replica but baby steps are necessary due to my lack of skills. Chuckles.

What do you all hope the New Year brings? 

Well, I'm wishing you all the absolute best in life.
See ya next year...

The Goods: Upholstered dining chairs are Maileg; natural edge dining table is PRD; natural edge bench is PRD; wood stools are PRD; credenza is One Forty Three; Merry Christmas art is Mary Eld; vintage newspaper art is Tim Holtz; wall unit is AG Minis; all accessories are Crate and Barrel, TAP Plastics, Silver Acorn, Container Store, CB2, K & Company, AG Minis, Mighty World, Re-Ment, and common hobby store finds. 


  1. Seasons Greetings to you too! I hope you have a happy time with loved ones - Christmas Day is just coming to an end here, so I am very full and looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow ;-)

  2. i'm coming over!!! Merry Christmas!!


  3. Hey, not so much with the 'unimpressive' label on your chandelier! You're in serious danger of earning a miniature crafter's badge from AIM with all this innovation.

    Long may Logan continue to wow us with his fabulous creations. I just hope he stays for the long haul and that it provokes more people to join the hobby.

    Enjoy the rest of the Holiday celebrations =0)

  4. Look at you being crafty. I like it!! Did a little searching and I think this company has the best selection of canning jars:

    This one might work for that lamp:
    Tiny Glass Jar with Metal Lid


  5. Thanks nice!

    You're absolutely invited, Cindy!

    Aw shucks, Pepper...Smiles!

    These are great, Mini Dork! Thanks!