Monday, January 9, 2012

Lo! A Floor Can Change Its Stripes

I thought changing the striped wood floors to striped carpet floors would be a nice touch for the first post of the new year since many are trying to change their stripes/spots to meet resolution demands. Anyone make a 2012 resolution? I've made some changes but they are all with this blog site. A small nip and tuck to keep from looking like my 2007 self. Nothing grand. Speaking of grand...

Behold the amazingly delicious walnut shelving unit that Pepper made for our swap late last year. The composite pieces can be completely removed or custom arranged. It's beautiful. I love it. It's going in the will, man. Chuckles! This piece was the starting point for this mini scene. The sliding doors inspired the striped flooring selection and then it was on from there.

Can you believe that the wooden "Lo" letters are actually some of the brinca dada blocks? If you visit this blog on the regular, you know that I often use building blocks for my miniature setups. The brinca dada blocks are made of teak and quite interesting. I spent a few minutes playing around with them to see how I might be able to use them for future scenes. There's a tear drop shape that is my absolute favorite piece. To me, it's an ottoman or a coffee table. Actually, there's a lot of seating, table pieces and sculptural elements that can be created from this nifty bag of blocks. Below are the blocks and some of my quick arrangements. I'm sure the rest of you can come up with better configurations.
The Goods: Walnut shelving unit with sliding panels is by Pepper; sofa is MiniModernistas; low wingback chairs are brinca dada; overlap coffee table is AG Minis and brinca dada; console table, striped wooden cube, driftwood sculpture and gray knit pouf ottoman are PRD Miniatures; arc floor lamp is an unmarked swap gift from Call Small that I modified with a perfume cap; Art is Erik Leigh Simmons; Accessories are Mini Dork, X10NY, Bozart Toys, The Hairy Potter, Re-Ment, brinca dada, Lilu by Zuri, Breyer, Irwin, AG Minis, DCWV and Amy Butler


  1. Simply gorgeous! I really love this scene, especially all the muted colors as inspired by Pepper's magical shelving system! I also love how you modified the arc lamp. Very cool! I might have to get those brinca dada blocks...

  2. Woah! That shelving unit is to die for. Nice work Pepper! I love framed picture. Nice touch! This room is fab and thanks so much for showing off the blocks. I was wondering what they looked, thanks.

    Love the upgrade on the blog template. My hacked template is not playing well with some plugins I tried adding so I might have to have a facelift too. Nips and tucks are looking good. :P

  3. I love your photographs. I know your wood flooring in your Ocean Drive house is permanent. However you do change the wall coverings all the time - how do you do that so that it looks so finished, but it is still temporary so that you can do something different?

  4. Ooh! Fun with building blocks!

    Your post makes me want to pull out an old Blockhead game I have and see what mini good times can be had.

  5. Thanks Call Small
    I really think you would like the blocks. And yes, I still love the arc lamp. ha ha! So glad you dig the scene. Pepper is amazing, man!

  6. Hey Mini Dork,
    Yeah, I'd definitely get into a knife fight over the shelving unit. Chuckles! I had to showcase her in the setup. Pepper's cool. We'll all have to fly out to meet her and all the other UK hommies. Smiles.

    I went the easy route with the update on the blog. Your compliment on the "upgrade" is nice since you're the resident guru. Second Smiles.

  7. Hello Anonymous,
    Thank you! I use scrapbook paper to change the look of the walls. I cut to fit tightly and tack it onto the walls with putty. I used to use double-sided tape but after ruining two walls, I learned my lesson.

  8. Hi Sandra,
    You totally should explore those blocks from that game. They might even be better if you paint them. Hmm...

  9. I love this scene, especially the brick wallpaper, can you tell me where you got it as I cannot seem to find anything similar, i have only come up with red brick papers!

  10. Hello Anonymous (2)
    Thanks! It's all about the scrapbook paper. I'm addicted. I used the DCWV Downtown Loft stack. It's one of my favorites. There's some great papers in there for floors, throw rugs and walls.

  11. i absolutely love that room! such attention to detail

  12. Thanks House of Artistique!
    You know I still pine for the renovated barn structure you built. It's phenomenal. Hmm...Maybe I should say I still "cry for"...