Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pepper Lights A ModFire

Before      After
How awesome is Pepper? Yes, what you see above is her handmade 1:12 ModFire made out of aluminum sheet. I'm awed at how quickly she put this piece together. Sure, we want to hate her because we're jealous of her skills. I say "we" but I think we all know I mean "me". Chuckles. Everyone knows that I think she's damn fabulous. I admit that I tried my hand at making one of these modern fire sculptures. I folded paper for an hour...and ended up with four dunce caps that apparently I should wear.

Pepper is going to send me this finished little fire sculpture. She rocks and rolls like that. Yes, I'm rosy on the cheekbones.  I'm already thinking about how I want to use it in a mini scene. Seriously---how sweet and cool is she? Hmm...I think she might be an angel...yeah, an angel put on Earth to help craft-challenged modern miniature enthusiasts...

Image: Pepper


  1. MC, Simply ask and you shall receive. and Pepper, You rock man! You are truly an mini artist.

  2. Am I surprised? Absolutely not! Pepper is on fire, no doubt about it! Enjoy it, and blog it! Have a great turkey day ;)

  3. WHAT!?! "We" hate her. That is awesome. My version turned out to be a dunce cap too. Dang, Pepper, that is seriously amazing. I WANT ONE!

  4. WONDERFUL! Super, Gorgeous!
    Love it!

  5. you are both such incredible nice people - I'm glad to "know" you.

  6. Oese,
    You're a sweetie! I'm glad to "know" you too.