Monday, November 28, 2011

Neville Rocks The Boathouse

In late October, I received an email from William Neville with the above image attached and the subject line Mini Modern Boathouse. There was only one word in the body of the communication = "Enjoy."

I know you're wondering if this William Neville is connected in any way with the Neville House produced by CB2. Based on similarities in the design and materials used, I think it is highly likely. Is this the next mini house that will debut at CB2? Shrug. I sent a few questions to the sender but it's very quiet on the other end. So for now we will simply enjoy.

Image: William Neville


  1. Holy Smokes Batman!!! You get the greatest emails. "Enjoy" That's effing awesome. Please, please, please CB2!!!!!

  2. Can't wait to learn how the mystery unfolds. Pretty grand boathouse. When I saw the Neville, lake house was the first thought that came to my mind. Perhaps this second structure confirms it? Thanks so much for keeping us informed.

  3. This boathouse is so cool!! I love these dollhouses that work as an artistic object on their own!

  4. Hey Mini Dork,
    I really do hope CB2 makes a series of these structures. I wish the "Neville" had replied but alas...

  5. Hola Studio Seven,
    Those two structures would look good nested together. Maybe we'll get the chance to have one of these boathouses.

  6. Hey Kikka,
    I know, right? Chuckles!

  7. Hello Otterine,
    Definitely "fun" and I do hope I get treated to more emails from this William Neville.

  8. Hi Minima,
    The structure you built is definitely an artistic object that stands on its own. Seriously, I love looking at that house.