Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Horse Ornament With No Name

I mentioned a few days ago that Jonathan Adler has some Christmas ornaments that work well for a few miniature scenes. I used the horse ornament for this quick toddler room above. You'll see a few other Adler ornaments pop up from time to time in future scenes. This find was kind of refreshing since this year's crop of Christmas ornaments definitely leave something to be desired. I know other modern miniaturists are feeling the disappointment too. Ahh well, maybe there's something of Jonathan's that you can use...

The Goods: Horse is Jonathan Adler; toddler bed is Re-Ment; dresser is MiniModernistas; all accessories are Hape, Re-Ment, Kate Aspen, DCWV, Bozart Toys, Munnyworld, Lundby and common finds from hobby and craft stores.


  1. Your horse is awesome!!! Looks great
    But, you mean
    Un abrazo

  2. Ahhh, the horse! I was trying to guess which ones you got. This room is fabulous! LOVE IT!!

  3. The Horse is a Beauty!
    And so is the room..

  4. Hola Rosamargarita
    Thanks much! And,yes--ha ha!, I am making a play on the song by America with this post title. That song is one of my favorites.

  5. HeyYo Mini Dork
    I got the horse and the giraffe. I still want the elephant and Mr. and Mrs. Muse but am waiting for the after-holiday sale. Thanks, I'm glad you dig on the room!

  6. Hi Kikka,
    Thanks!I'm glad you like this room.If I had bought two horses, I would have made a hotel lobby scene.

  7. Too funny, I had read this post earlier and didn't leave a comment. I'm sorry about that.

    Recently, I was reading a decorating magazine and wondered why the name sounded so familiar, now I know! lol It was from your blog. :)