Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Contemporary Home In Miniature

I see you over there in the U.K., Leanne. I love what you are building at The Contemporary Home In Miniature...

Images: The Contemporary Home In Miniature


  1. How cool. Another red coat with modern vision *grins*

    So trying to fight the urge to start a miniature village with all of these new houses. Thanks for the heads up MC =0)

  2. I love looking at them I've never seen anything so beautiful, I wish you'd show the insides

  3. Hello Steinworks!
    If you click on the link, it will take you to the company's Facebook page. They have images there that show the inside. You can also see images on the inside on the link top right under "News and Blah Blah".

  4. If I were a rich woman (throw some Fiddler on the Roof music in there) I would be tempted to take a trip to the UK. With a pit stop at Elf Miniatures. :-)

  5. Me too, Sandra!
    I would also visit Pepper.

  6. These houses are a dream. I´d love to own them (if they weren´t so expensive, lol). Thanks for introducing this site, Modern MC, I´ll definitely check it regularly...as I do with your fab blog. Great work and ideas and references ! I enjoy reading it !

  7. Thanks Claudia,
    You make me blush!

  8. Hi Mini Modern

    Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the publicity and the wonderful things you have been saying about our houses. Each of our houses is hand-built with loving care and attention by Leanne and her father. Its Leanne's dream to offer high quality, cutting edge designs and she is constantly coming up with new ideas for houses and furniture. Keep checking our Facebook page for more details.

    Thank you to all your fans for the lovely things they have said as well.

    The team at Contemporary Home in Miniature in the UK