Thursday, June 30, 2011

Neville House

Imagine my surprise to find this modern miniature structure at my local CB2 store! This sturdy model is called Neville House (although the box and tag say "Neville's House") and is made of engineered wood with pine veneer and walnut trim. It features floor to ceiling windows and doorways, a shed roof, porch and removable retro fireplace. It reminds me of those 21st Century Beach House Huts that I blogged about years ago.

I am uncertain of the scale. It is smaller than 3/4 scale or 1:16. Maybe 1:24? Shrug. It measures 10.25"Wx9"Dx7.75"H. The doorways and windows are roughly 4 inches in height which makes it a bit tricky to place miniature furniture and accessories but it can be done. If you have smaller hands, you'll have no issues but I keep reaching for a pencil to give items a final tap into place. Also, the flooring inside the house looks like carpeting but is rough like sandpaper to the touch. If you decide not to use alternate flooring, you have to be gentle when placing items so that you don't scratch the more delicate miniatures.

I actually remember this little house from CB2's Christmas catalog. It was featured on the cover as a prop. 
I had made a note to contact the company and ask them who made the model but I never did get around to it. I wonder if other people had inquired about the house and that is what got the ball rolling. Either way, I'm happy to see it now for sale.

All in all, it's a cool little structure for $60 that is fun to play with and/or admire on a shelf. I hope they make a series of these...

UPDATE: 7/1/11
I got the following reply from Crate and Barrel:
The house was designed by one of our associates at our Corporate Office. We do not see any plans for other models, but we will definitely share your feedback about this.
First, big kudos to the anonymous associate who isn't given public credit. You rock, whoever you are! And second, to everyone, please write CB2 and let them know you want to see more of these lovely modern architectural models! 

Additional image: CB2


  1. this is very cool and sweet. I want one too! have you bought one? I didn't realize, if this was your fotos or not. Hope it's yours and you'll show it with tiny furniture in it.
    #greetings from me!

  2. You should get one, Susan!
    They indicated that they have a large supply--but who knows how fast they'll go once word gets out.

  3. Hi Oese!
    Yes, I do have one, but will probably buy a few more--especially if it goes on sale. These are my photos but I haven't watermarked them yet. I intend to post some scenes in the structure. Yes, you should get one since they do ship to your country. I'd love to see what other people design with it.

  4. OK, I'm feeling a Neville joint post coming on. Seriously! I LOVE this little abode. The thrifter in me would like to wait until it goes on sale, though. Given all my 1:24 furniture purchases lately, I could definitely outfit a house or two ;)

  5. What up, callsmall?
    We can rock a joint post anytime and I don't mind waiting until it goes on sale. I know I'm keeping an eye out too for when the price drops so I can get some more of these...Hee Hee Hee! (The laugh is either sinister, joyful or insane. Probably all of the above.)

  6. I hate living nowhere near good shopping.

  7. It does sound halfscale-ish. It is adorable! I'll be keeping an eye out on any sales there for sure. Do they have sales often?

  8. Hola Beth Lemon!
    It is fun to browse the actual stores--but Thank Goodness for the Internet, ey? You can still get your hands on cool items.

  9. Hey Ann!
    They seem to have seasonal sales to make room for new inventory. I think you can sign up for sale alerts via their website. I'll also try to notify via this blog when the price drops.

  10. OMG!! My mini MacAlister's will have a suitable home. I am so excited. Now how do I sneak it in the house without my husband noticing... :P

  11. minimodernistas/dorisJuly 1, 2011 at 6:32 PM

    OK MC, you got me again. I was at the local CB2 here in Santa Monica 15 minutes after reading your now the proud owner of two Nevilles. My 1:18 looks quite good in them, although I do think it's 1:24 ideally. Have plans to build an enclosed walkway between the two buildings. Thanks for the post!

  12. Wonderful design! Love it but not the $$$. I can't wait to start on my first modern house. So much inspiration on your blog!

  13. Hello Doris!
    Man, I should get commission for these CB2 sales, ey? Ha ha! Do you think you will make some 1:24 pieces? Please do share the custom walkway when you have it completed. I'm glad you love the structures, but I am sorry for making you break out your wallet again...Smiles.

  14. Thanks Kathi!
    Yes, the design is awesome. I do wish it was twice the length. I'm very glad you find inspiration from this community and hope you return the favor with your creations in your first modern house. Are you building something custom or are you modernizing an existing kit, etc.?

  15. minimodernistas/dorisJuly 3, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    Hi MC,
    I've almost completed the walkway and will send photos soon. As for 1:24, I'll give it a try soon. It's soooo small! Will most likely start with a teeny, tiny sofa.

  16. MC, you have done it again! I just got my catalogue today and was so excited. Then I realized I should see if you had already posted about this tiny treasure so I could figure out just how long I had before it sells out. Judging from the comments, I don't think I have long. You should be getting commissions, at least they could buy some ad space : )

    MC + callsmall, when you guys do your cross-post, maybe one of you guys could add a 'tag game' on flickr where we tag each other asking for a photo that answers the question: "What's going on in your Neville House right now?" or something like that.

    Modernista, I will be on the look out for some tiny treasures for this house. I've nothing smaller than 1:12 and lately all my $$$ has been going to 1:6.

    MC keep right on being the vanguard that you are!

  17. Ha ha--Studioseven!
    I'm no "vanguard" but thanks for such a nice compliment. From what I hear, they have a lot of these in stock so I don't think it will sell out too soon--at least hopefully not before I can snag a second one at a sale price...