Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OMG, It's Mike & Sheila

"I think this is the ONE", Mike said to Sheila, "Don't you think this is the ONE? And the kids love it! 

"The kids certainly do love it!", The realtor smiled.

 Sheila turned her back and felt an overwhelming wave of deja vu.


  1. Bwahahahahahah! Mike's tastes just keep getting smaller and smaller. I know he's a family guy, but a lady needs a little privacy. At least one more room for the loo. Poor Sheila.
    That realtor is so fired.

    (one of these days Sheila is going to have to go Mrs. Huxtable on him to sway those kids back to her side... "Dad is great, give us the chocolate cake" "Where did they get chocolate cake!?!?! [insert flames from eyes]" "Dad made us eat this!" )

  2. Yay, Mike and Sheila! Oh, how I've missed them! :D

    Uh, Mike? That barely qualifies as a Tiny House... and you have a LOT of kids. Set your sights a little higher (and longer, and wider), dude.