Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So Many Reasons To Stay In Bed

It was a massively lazy three-day weekend (Thank you, Dr. King!). I have four unfinished scenes because I didn't have the energy to work on them. Can I blame it on working parent syndrome? I'm going to anyway! Chuckles. Typically on the weekend, I'll push miniatures around for ten to fifteen minutes, take some photos and share. Unfortunately, every time I got an opportunity to push tiny furniture around this weekend, I would go lay on the bed or the couch. What a lazy lima bean, ey? I actually woke up briefly on Monday at 5:00AM and smiled because I didn't have to get up for work. All that said, I think you get the quick scene above. I'll try to be less lazy next weekend.

Something tells me that I may get some inquiries about the art in this scene. I'm uncertain of the artist(s). I want to credit appropriately for this image so if anyone has any information, please share...

UPDATE---I'm getting quite a lot of emails asking about the model, so if you know his identity, please help there too...

UPDATE 2---Wow. I guess I don't get out much because several several folks claim the model above to be a man by the name of Victor Ross (?). Who would have thought that this gentleman would have such an avid following?---even in Brazil, Australia and the UK? Smiles. However, still no ID on the photographer. Maybe Mr. Ross will tell me. Shrug. I'll dig into some research later this evening...

The Goods: Bed is brinca dada, pillows are MiniModernistas; all accessories are JUN Planning, Playmobil, Lundby, Leslie Frick, Character Options and Re-Ment.


  1. me too, I didn't do anything but lounge around the house, I'll get started on my stuff later :)


  2. Who is the man in the photo?

  3. First, I thought he is real, :)))
    Just like your scene. Very realistic.

  4. Um yeah, I totally want to know who that model is. And, woah, this is room is so realistic I can't believe it's 1:12. Awesome.

  5. Hey Marisa!
    I feel so much better knowing that I wasn't the only one with "loungeitis". I'm typically always on the move thanks to my oldest child, hobbies and my job but wow---even after a nice cup of tea, I was still lazy lazy. We're forgiven, right? Chuckles!

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    According to some readers, the man in the photo is someone named Victor Ross.

  7. Hola Natalia!
    Thank you. I am a horrible photographer so I spent more time trying to capture the image than I did putting it together. I'm so glad it passes the realism bar.

  8. Hey Mini Dork!
    Apparently, the man is a model named Victor Ross. I guess he has quite a number of fans. Ha! Oh man, some of the emails I got about this one are hilarious--and one was a touch uncomfortable...

    You should have seen me taking these photos = ridiculous. I ended up having to balance a torch light on my shoulder to simulate sunrise coming in through the window. All worth it for the final result---even though I'm sure a real photographer could do better. So glad ya dig it!

  9. Your work is amazing and so inspiring!


  10. Thanks Sara!
    You sure it's not YOU who is the inspiring one? I dig the weathered Lundby. Show us more, man!

  11. Working Mothers deserve 'me' days, no? =0)

  12. Ahh--true, Pepper
    I could get oh so greedy with "me" days. Never enough. I realize that I misspent much of my youth...Smiles