Monday, December 5, 2011

Deer In Sunlights

I love cranking out these corny post titles. Granted, I have been a deer in headlights these past couple of days because of a very nasty cold that just wants to hang on. I lost my voice and am at a whisper for the day = unenthusiastic "Hooray." My toxicity (...eating seeds as a pastime activity...) got me shunned from the East Bay Mini Meet Up. Kidding. The lovely chapter of Bay Area mini modern enthusiasts took pity on me and rescheduled for this weekend where I'll be less of a threat to their immune systems. 

There was one upside to being home sick last week. I got my package of swap items from Pepper!!! Some of you may know the tragic story of how Pepper's first attempt to send me goods was thwarted by a thief. It was my first stolen mail incident ever. It has changed everything about how I now receive my mail. Thanks, thievin' bastards! I digress... Anyway, opening the package from Pepper was like having an early Christmas. I lack the vocabulary to accurately describe the "awesomeness" of each piece. Pepper's work is phenomenal and artisan quality. I sat in my kitchen, carefully removing each piece and saying "wow" and "oh my goodness" over and over again. Each piece (that I'll showcase over the next few months) has beautiful woods and great designs with working doors and drawers. I was stunned--not because I didn't think she had "the magics", but because she sent me such meticulously made items and doesn't know me outside this drivel I call a blog. The thought got me very sentimental and misty and all of those softhearted things. Sure, I've built a firm reputation on being cold and hardened to emotions...but after reading the heartfelt note that accompanied the package, I was all waterworks. I want to make it clear that technically I did not cry over dollhouse furniture. In my defense, I was being attacked by a virus and I'm pretty sure science has proven that cold viruses can affect the sentimental nodes of the brain to induce tears at alarming rates...pretty sure--especially about there being such things as sentimental nodes. Whatever... I'm still cool.

The Goods: Sofa is MiniModernistas; coffee tables are Plan Toys; display shelf is Lundby; fireplace is MiniModernistas, Mattel and hobby store finds; plants aligning wall are Mini Dork; grape stem from my snack; deer sculpture is a Target find; all accessories are Houseworks, Tim Holtz, Mighty World, Irwin, The Hairy Potter, DCWV and Bespaq.


  1. '...technically I didn't cry over doll house furniture...' made me LO VERY L!

  2. Lovin' the scene, lovin' the light and L.O.V.I.N.G the ceiling unit =0D

    Coming from someone mid-menopause at forty, I can cry at a sweetie wrapper on the floor and then feel murderous thoughts about any passing stranger so diggin the emotional roller coaster =0/ I think it was a mixture of the icky bugs and relief at getting the parcel...finally.
    Glad you're feeling better =0)

  3. Can't wait to see what happens when you throw a pinch of Pepper in your rooms. ;)
    Grapes stem!??!?! Never in a million years would I have come up with that. It looks so cool and at some angles looks like antlers on the deer. Genius, man, GENIUS!

  4. Ha ha, Mini Dork!
    What a meanie!!! I'm woman enough to own my tears, man. Chuckles. And...I didn't even notice that the grape stem looks like antlers. Bizarre coolness though.

  5. Very cool! I thought for sure you planned the antlers! Love them!

  6. Now I wish I had planned it. Wow---I was oblivious to that one.

  7. Precioso rincon, y el ciervo es perfecto, me he quedado impresionada, un gran beso

  8. Dude, were you some kind of Haiku poet in your past life?

    Rats. I STILL missed the mini meet up! But hey, Greetings from Paris... CM

  9. Gracias, Susi! Le agradezco sus amables palabras.

  10. Bonjour My Realitty!
    We really should have planned the mini meet for Paris instead of Rockridge, ey? Maybe I'm a poet. Either way, I don't know it.