Monday, November 21, 2011

Set My Mod Fire On Heart

See this beauty? It makes my heart heat up with a vicious pitter patter. It's a ModFire and I want it in 1:12.  I've got an inquiry in to the manufacturer but rarely do such companies entertain my smaller desires. I keep studying the design of this fire sculpture because I know there has got to be something in 1:1 that I can use to replicate it. I thought if I could just find a large enough icing piping tool, I could recreate it for the miniature modern world. However, I'm not finding a big enough icing tool---which is funny considering that I'm building for something small. True, I probably should simply go browsing the aisles of the nearest home improvement store for something to repurpose, but I'm gonna cheat..., er, I mean, "use my resources" and reach out to the community of modern miniature enthusiasts. 

Anybody out there got any ideas for how I can replicate this stunner in 1:12 without breaking out the welding gear?

Images: ModFire


  1. That is very cool! I can see your desire for it. :)

    Have you seen how many miniaturist's make little pictures and buckets from paper and then heavily paint and shellac them?

    That was my first thought, here's my second, what about those thin sheets of thing, like copper? Or would that have you bringing out the welder? ;)

    Okay, that's my 2 cents. ;)

    Good luck in your quest! :)

  2. Ahh, nice idea dale's dreams!
    I especially like the thin sheets of copper. I expect I'll try my hand at piecing one together with paper. I'm sure after a dozen or so tries, I might end up with something that resembles this beauty. Perhaps it is time for a challenge, ey? Smiles.

  3. I say go for it! Try it out.

    The pitchers I have seen peeps do, really do look like they are tin when completed.

    I'm grooving on the orange red one. :)

  4. Darn you. This would be perfect for my Giant house. Grr, I could easily waste a few days trying to come up with something. SO COOL!!!! I WANT ONE!!!

  5. What about a metal or plastic funnel?
    Chop off the top.

    I think if you put plastic in the microwave for a few seconds you can reshape it.

    It would be easy to cut holes in plastic with an X-acto knife.

  6. you could try sheets of fun foam.... it can be cut into shape and simple glued together along one edge with superglue. I comes in alot of colors too! you can get it at most craft stores. I have make 1:12th scale chairs from it with great success.

  7. Looks so Cool... The paper came into my mind.. and then some bigger "ends of ballpointpens" and some other stuff that you come to think that shall I throw this away or not...

    Would like to try also.. ;)

  8. Can't stop thinking about this. Maybe a plastic funnel (similar to what you'd use to put oil in your car, but maybe a kitchen supply store would have one closer to this shape). Or maybe the tip of a kids size traffic cone? 1:1 is about 22″ in diameter at the base, 9″ at the top and stand 48″. So in 1:12 about 13/16" diameter, 3/4" at the top and 4" tall. I'll be on the look out. :D

  9. Ohh! Everybody has some great ideas.
    I tried the paper idea last night and you all would laugh at me if you could see the final result. I will try it again this holiday weekend. Hey, yeah, 3D printing! I might have to reach out to my Mr.'s friends for that one but could be doable. The fun foam sounds interesting also but I'm too scared to attempt it. What a coward, ey? I wish I could find that perfect funnel because I think it would make it the easiest for me. Looks like I'll be browsing the cooking stores too.

    BTW, would love to see anybody else's success with recreating this beauty.