Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chugga Chugga, Baby

During a recent trip to the local hobby store, I was drawn to this yellow gondola in the HO scale aisle. I thought it would make a cool kid's room furniture piece to store toys and all the other stuff that children like to collect. I scooped this train car up and a few others that I'll use in future mini scenes. I wish there were something like this train gondola for a 1:1 kid's room. It would be awesome to have a toy storage piece that looked like this. You could use it in several rooms and pass it down several generations...Okay, the above ain't 1:1 but I think you get the idea.
I believe this is the first time that I have used one of the Sketch Chair minis. I followed Call Small's advice on carefully removing the laser cut pieces from the wood sheet. Everything was all good as I meticulously put one chair after the other together. And then tragedy struck as I was building the very last chair. I applied a bit too much pressure when slotting it together and it exploded into a splintered confection. Damn. Anyway, I love the little chairs...Perhaps that statement is a given.
The Goods: Union Pacific gondola toy chest is Bachmann Trains; Sketch Chair rocker is Diatom Studio; daybed is an ebay find; floor lamp is Character Options; side table is brinca dada; console table is JUN Planning; art is Pixar; all accessories are DCWV, Re-Ment, Haba, Mighty World, Tech Deck, Bozart Toys, Lundby, Voila Toys, Peter Tucker, Character Options, Mattel and AG Minis.


  1. I love the kid's toy storage idea, ingenious!

    Sorry you had trouble with the chairs. :(

  2. Chew Chew. I could eat this up. Too cute. I love the zeppelin. Your mini kid toys are cooler than our 1:1. The laying down dino on the bed is too cute. Love the storage, that would look super cute in 1:1. :D

  3. The Ducky drawing detail is just adorable!

  4. "I think I can, I think I can..."
    I haven't put my sketch chair together the room. CM

  5. Hello Dale's Dreams
    It seems like something that Restoration Hardware would sell for their kids' line. I'm trying to put together a room for my oldest and not finding anything cool and unique that's also affordable. That being said, I would splurge on a piece like that train gondola...

    Yes, I ruined that last chair because of my clumsy hands. Thanks for sharing my sadness, friend.

  6. Thanks Mini Dork!
    You know I want more toy accessories too---such a shame, ey? I have actually run out of room for storage and now have to buy another piece of furniture to house my furniture...When I die, it's gonna be a "toy" bonanza. I promise not to haunt anything.

  7. Hey Minima
    I picked up the Toy Story ducky postcard from the Oakland Art Museum when they had the Pixar exhibit. I like all their concept art very much.

  8. Thanks My Realitty,
    I know you can, I know you can...

  9. Hi there Modern MC
    Thanks for the pointers to modernminihouses, we had a good look and I'm going to see if Brinca Dada ship to the UK as we love 2 of their houses.
    Need to decide between Bennett or Emerson!.
    I wouldn't have found any of it without you and your fabulous website. We are still enjoying looking at all your posts and also the other site. So a big thanks for all the time it must take you to do this.

  10. Absolutely Sara!
    You are so very welcome. I am glad you found a few house contenders. I'm also glad you like Megan's fantastic blog. There's several modern miniature blogs out there that are great for referencing and sourcing. To be honest, I wish I spent more time with this hobby and blog but only get a few minutes a week to devote my attention to it. I really hope you and your daughter enjoy this creative endeavor. Have fun!