Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello Edward...Have We Met Before?

To quote Mini Dork, "Edward is the new Emerson". True Dat. Edward House is the third production run of the Emerson House but to avoid some confusion, brinca dada gave this dollhouse a new name. What's new about this beautiful and fun structure besides the name? Well, the manufacturer for starters. Brinca dada says to expect a higher level of quality like that currently seen with the Dylan House and the soon-to-be-released Bennett House. There are a few tweaks with this latest version of Tim Boyle's design. Those " tweaks" include the color scheme as seen in the renderings above and the fact that solar panels and fireplaces are no longer a part of the design. 

Well, he's still a pretty house even with his makeover. I like the new color palette with the walnut wood grain, the new brick and the addition of more white interior walls to light up the place. I'm very curious to see how it looks in person...

Images: brinca dada


  1. Will they ever produce one in 1 12 scale? I just cant fit my boys in the 1 18 scale.

  2. I miss the lights but I love the new color scheme. White walls on dark wood is my fave. I would love to see it in person as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Cody,
    You know, I'll ask them to see if they might make a limited 1:12 scale structure. I have a feeling that they'll stay with 3/4 scale but never hurts to ask.

  4. Hey Mini Dork,
    Like many others, I will also miss the lights and the fireplaces...

  5. Hi there
    I asked you questions before as I wanted to get the Emerson House for my daughter & you were so helpful, but then when I contacted Brinca Dada we have opted for this one and it ships this week.
    So I can let you know when it arrives in the UK!. Now we are starting the hunt for furniture to go in it.
    Thanks for all your help and advice for your friends blog as well.

  6. After my previous "i know nothing' posts, we went ahead and ordered the Emerson which then turned into the Edward.
    I am now looking at some furniture and realise that once again 'i know nothing'. What size furniture do I look for?, say if I am looking for a kitchen. I know it says 3/4 scale but what does that mean?, most of the kitchen stuff I have looked at says 1:12. We have soooo much to learn!.

  7. Hi Sara!
    Absolutely---glad you are getting the Edward. I've been wanting to see it in person. Please feel free to give us a full review once you've received and built the house.

    So 3/4 scale is also known as 1:16 which means that 1 inch equals 16 inches of a 1:1 scale item. Brinca Dada sells 3/4 scale furniture to complement their structures. Note that you can also use some 1:18 scale pieces or 2/3 scale furniture to decorate this 3/4 scale structure. Lundby items which are 1:18 will work. There are also some vintage pieces that will work like Triang or Petite Princess or Barton or Brio Mobilia and several others. Granted, you will have to browse through these vintage offerings to find those pieces that work well with the style of the Edward. Additionally, you can get some artisan pieces from ELF Miniatures, Mini Modernistas and PRD Miniatures.

    I hope this helps you well...

  8. We just got the Edward house - was so disappointed to NOT get the lights and fireplaces, but I'm sure the higher quality is nice (never saw the Emerson).
    Now ... anyone have doll suggestions? I'm planning on making our own, because everything I see is sooooo hideous.

  9. Hi Mari,
    I really like the Silver Acorn dolls by Mary Eld and the Goose Grease wooden peg dolls. Both of these types of figures can be seen on this blog. You do have to custom order the dolls from these etsy vendors but both products are quality made and affordable. Plus you can get dolls that look like your family or any character type. The Goose Grease dolls work fine with 3/4 scale. The Silver Acorn dolls that I primarily show are 1:12 but Mary Eld makes her figures in 1:16 or 3/4 scale. You can see the Silver Acorn dolls via this link:
    Silver Acorn Dolls on Mini Modern
    I hope one or both of these dolls appeal to you. Any other suggestions out there folks??

  10. Hello
    Happy New Year!
    Edward arrived safe and sound and we plan to build it when our guests have departed. We knew it didn't have lights as Brinca Dada told me that they wanted to build a stronger structure so these had been left out.
    Thanks for the advice re scale of furniture, very helpful for us. I'll let you know how we get on!

  11. I think I like the colors on the Emerson better. I like the lighter wood tones and the lights and fireplaces are cool too!

  12. Hello,
    I am the proud owner of the new Bennett House which I purchased off the shelf from the Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles) gift shop. However, after laying all the parts out, it appears that there is a part missing? The youtube instructions are no longer available, either? I can't find any reviews or suggestions online. The only thing on the web right now is how cool the design is - which is true. I've contacted Brinca Dada about the missing parts and what appear to be incorrect assembly instructions but have not yet heard back. Has anyone else had problems or issues with the Bennett House? I spent about $1,000 on the house and furniture so I'm keen to either get it built or return it! Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. ms