Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Swans By The Ugly Duckling

I got this ugly fireplace from a lot I won on ebay.  It was one of those "I just want that one thing in that sea of crap" kind of bids. True, that "one thing" was actually three things but the bonus was this ugly fireplace and an even fuglier coat stand. The coat stand is long gone to charity but I kept the fireplace. The intention was to paint it a bright color like fuchsia, yellow or turquoise, but you can see that I never got around to it. So, here it is in all its ugly glory to give this scene the feel of an old home in which the owner is not so old-fashioned. 

I'm currently on the hunt for some traditional dollhouse or older period style furniture to paint with bold modern colors or turn into...wait for it..."swans". I think it will be fun to experiment more with scenes that blend reborn traditional pieces in a modern setting. Since I am severely craft challenged, it should be interesting to see what disasters I create.

The Goods: Swan chairs are Reac Japan; leather-wrapped bar is modified PRD bench; Ugly fireplace is Town Square Miniatures; sofa is ebay find; pillow is Minimodernistas; mirror and leather rug are PRD; leaning bookcase is Peter Tucker; cork coffee table is a stopper from a Target porcelain set; all accessories are DCWV, Playmobil, Lemax, Bozart Toys, Reutter Porcelain, ReMent, and common ebay and hobby store finds.


  1. This scene looks really cool. I like the colors.

    I have a bunch of ugly furniture that I was going to put on eBay. Let me know if you want it. I can take some photos.

  2. I am so fickle to my toys. One day I like something, the next, nope. It makes throwing things out tricky.

    Bright colors, way cool. C

  3. Oooooooohhhhh, that fireplace would look cool in a funky kind of way painted fuschia or some other bright color! Did you paint the chairs? I thought the Reac chairs were brighter.

  4. What? Is that a mini arc de triomphe on the bench? Where did you get that.

    This is flippin fabulous. My favorite shot towards the mirror so you see both sides of the room and all of your incredible decor. You have so much cool stuff in this room it makes that ugly fireplace shabby chic.

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. Thanks much, Beth Lemon!
    And thanks for the offer but I won't trouble you. I'm scanning ebay on the daily so maybe I'll end up buying your "lot of uglies" anyway--ha!

  6. Yup, me too, My Realitty
    I'm known for lovin' them and leavin' them...or just stringin' them along...

  7. Hey Mad For Mod!
    There are two versions of these swan chairs by Reac. The first version is a deeper/brighter turquoise blue and plastic. This second edition is lighter in color and felted---er, or what is the proper term for the spray on fabric they use to cover plastic? Anyway, there are two versions. Oh! And I like your Fascination Station thus far. You might say I find it "fascinating"...

  8. Thanks much, Mini Dork
    I got the little arc from that hobby and craft store that starts with a "M". It came in a tube with other miniature buildings that I hope to use in the future. All this "cool" stuff you see is the same ol' same ol'. I am always looking for more accessories, man! If I find that tube of mini buildings again, do you want me to pick one up for you? Maybe I should bring it to the next meet up and then everybody can take one. Shrug

  9. I loved the whole scene it's like one of those Mod pads from back in the 60's all it needs is some funky wall paper and a hanging lamp(the scary part is that I was alive during that time and remember those things)


  10. Thanks Marisa,
    I didn't even notice that! Perhaps I should have taken it in a stronger 60's direction. Hugs back at ya, nice lady!

  11. I'm diggin' the whole retro/modern mash you've got going on lately. Your blog is the Elle decorators bible for the miniature world =0)

  12. Thanks Kikka!
    I do adore those "crazy birds".

  13. Whoa! Thanks Pepper, but I fear I am not worthy of such a nice compliment. However, I will take it and run. We'll see how far I get with this now swelled and heavy head...Smiles. Thanks man!

  14. I've just found this blog and it's wonderful.
    I want to buy a modern dollhouse, do you have any recommendations of anywhere that sells them? My daughter & I want to do it together but we like modern furniture like we have in our house and I have only found the Dolls House Emporium selling anything modern looking.
    Thanks for your help.

  15. Hello Sara!
    Thank you so much for your lovely compliments. You can find some resources on the right frame of this blog, but my modern dollhouse cohort, "Mini Dork" has the best directory on her blog via this URL:


    I hope you and your daughter find a perfect dream house and have lots of fun!

    Best to you--and welcome to the party!

  16. Hi MC, thanks so much for commenting on my challenge and showing your artist model contribution. I think the plant-carrying is really funny.
    I featured your link on my blog.

  17. this scene is definitely interesting XD i spotted the arc de triomphe! i feel as if i were playing some 'where's wally' game, i love all the little details!

    can't wait to see the swans :D

  18. Love it! Fusion living at its best :D