Monday, October 17, 2011

Communing With The Animals

I went to the Good Sam Showcase in San Jose this past Saturday. Although I overslept (thanks Sons of Anarchy!) and arrived much later than I had planned, I was still lucky enough to meet up with Mini Dork and Mini2b. I purchased some items from Wright Guide, Sir Thomas Thumb, Peter Tucker and Paris Renfroe--who was new to the lineup this year. So very nice to have another modern artisan there. I also got a chance to meet Erik Goddard who had some modern and Japanese structures on display. I hope next year will bring Doris of MiniModernistas since she's officially a "Bay Area homegirl" now. Chuckles!

The Saturday show was thick with a herd of collectors. I have to note that the dealers were much more pleasant this year. The attendees were definitely anxious so I got my foot stepped on twice, a random punch to the gut and an elbow to the ribs. There was a stampede during the announcement of silent auction winners. And I think there was a gang there. I could only identify members if they had a purse-carrying man following them around... In short, it was fun!

Let's the CB2 Reed chairs are working pretty good in the 1:12 scene above. I used a much larger table to feature them but they blend, ey? I'm working on another scene with the white Igloo chairs and that's coming along. The table here is actually a Tudor/Gothic style table. I was attracted to it because it is massive, looks cool as a kitchen island and speaks to that farmhouse issue I've been having lately.  

The Goods: Chairs are CB2; dining table is Cottage Miniatures; sideboard is an ebay find; plant stand is Battat; pendant lamp is MiniModernistas; Art is via Andi Brooks (I am uncertain of the artist); all accessories are DCWV, Wright Guide Miniatures, Plan Toys, Reutter Porcelain, Mighty World, Playmobil and ReMent.


  1. Oh, man are these scenes super! I'm glad I got the chairs; may have to get some more. They look good.

  2. LSHMAFO, seriously where did it go? That gang was crazy! But yes, definitely different vibe this year. Sunday was SLLOOOWWW, but man Saturday was PACKED. I had to park in a red zone. Couldn't believe how full that parking lot was.

    CB2 should give you some serious love for all of the sales of those chairs. I will be one of the lemmings buying them as well. Off a cliff? As long as there are modern minis at the bottom, I'm in. That's why we all love following you, you find all the goodies for us. :P

    Did I mention I'm sleep deprived from all of the driving to the show and being a groupie this weekend? So fun seeing you again!!

  3. Thanks Hunky Dory!
    I'm also going back for more chairs and then stopping to get some spray paint on the way home. I think they would be lovely in yellow...Smiles

  4. Ha ha Mini Dork!
    Yeah, that gang meant business. I failed to mention that one lady pulled a gun on me---sure, it was a 1:12 gun but I got the message. I also had a hike to get back to my car. Halfway through the parking lot, I wished that I had packed a lunch for the journey. Chuckles!

    Ha ha --CB2 doesn't know that I exist, but I'm okay loving them from afar.

    I'm glad we have an incredible gang of folks dropping modern mini news from all over the world--including you, lady. Such a lovefest! Chuckles!

    It was cool seeing you again, too! I'm still nursing my wounds from not being able to meet up with everybody again on Sunday. I wanted to chat...and throw back a frou frou drink.

  5. That table so works with the reed chairs. I love it! Chunky/old meets abstract/slinky. As usual, you pull together the most fabulous scenes
    *waves from across the pond*

  6. Aww--Thanks Pepper!
    Truthfully, I think my mini scenes are hit or miss....mostly miss. I'm just pushing miniature furniture around for fun = yay! Chuckles.

  7. I really the combination between the more traditional table and sideboard with the modern looking chairs.
    And that floor is amazing.
    I wish I could go to mini showcases around here...

  8. Nice chairs! I can't believe those are Christmas ornaments. That dining room looks awesome!

  9. Hola Minima!
    Thank you. I've been contemplating selling this structure and the flooring always gives me pause. The wood flooring can be found at most dollhouse and hobby stores. I want to say it is called "mixed wood" and comes in sheets to install. You should start a miniatures showcase in your neck of the woods...I know, easier said than done...

  10. Thanks White Owl!
    I must say that I'm glad your joining the miniatures party. The mini setups on your blog are gorgeous!