Thursday, October 13, 2011

And A Merry CB2 To You Too

You've heard me (read me?) say this every year but I'm always on the look out for modern miniatures around the holidays. Every modern mini collector knows that there's at least one usable item from the multitude of Christmas ornaments available during this time. I have to admit that I was disappointed with Hallmark this year. There's a miniature Craftsman house that you can use as a dollhouse within your dollhouse, but not much else from that retailer appeals to me. What happened? Shrug.

I thought all hope was lost until I found these cool miniature ornament chairs from CB2. These babies are only $3.95 each, man. You can get the red Reed chair and/or the white Igloo chair here. The scale is a little larger than I prefer--the Reed is 2"Wx2.5"Dx3.75"H and the Igloo is 2.5"Wx2.5"Dx3"H, but I'll be scooping up a few and seeing what the possibilities are for my 1:12 endeavors. If things don't go well, they'll at least look nice on my desk, some shelves and the tree.  Did I mention that they also made a Neville House Snow Globe?
Anybody finding other cool Christmas ornaments to repurpose? It's looking a little bleak...
Images: CB2


  1. Hi The red Chair looks marvellous! I am eager to know if the size fits 1:12?

  2. TOTALLY blame you for posting this. Dropped some dough on those chairs AND a Neville house (finally)! This might have been the inspiration I needed for my I'm A Giant Challenge! ;)

  3. I've been looking for Christmas ornaments to repurpose as well. I love the chairs and bought some already. Thanks for the hint. I will keep you posted if I discover any other ornament goodies.


    Here's the URL for some little Crate and Barrel kids stuff; trike, bicycle, wagon...not bad.

  5. I'm also so upset with Hallmark. I was hoping for another retro videogame for my bar setting... Having 3 would have been perfect!

  6. I bought "Ghost" chairs, called Phantom, from a wedding favours website.
    They are a tad bigger than real scale but placed around a table they look really cool.
    Keep hunting and thanks for sharing, Rosanna

  7. Hey Kikka,

    I tried out the chairs last night and the red one is better used with my 6 and 7-inch tall figures. They look okay sitting and standing beside it. I have to experiment with it more to get it to blend. I might just cut the legs a bit to drop the scale. We'll see because we all know I suck at simple crafts. HA! The white chair blends in much better with 1:12 items. I can use the 5-inch or Character Options figures with it. I like them though!

  8. Hey Call Small!
    (Enter sinister laugh here)I'm only trying to "help". Smiles. I'm glad the chairs ignite some fire in your Inspiration Cap. Yeah, I know "Inspiration Cap" sounds ridiculous but it makes me laugh. And, dude, I bought more than chairs too when I went there. I guess I have no one to blame except for myself, ey? Chuckles!

  9. Hey Hunky Dory,
    I wonder how quickly CB2 will sell out of those chairs. I only bought 8 but might go looking for more later to spray paint. Hmm...
    And, I dig that tricycle. I might be venturing back to Union Square this afternoon to buy more CB goods. Thanks for the heads up! BTW, love your new ID pic.

  10. Hola Gingeranna!
    Yeah, Hallmark dropped the ball this year. Very unfortunate. Maybe they'll make up for it next year. Have you ever tried Retro Heart = for more arcades?

  11. Hello Rosanna,
    Cool--I'll look into the Phantom chairs. Hmm...I think I might have seen them on My Realitty's blog. I'll dig around. Thanks for the tip, friend!

  12. Check these out at Crate and Barrell--solid brass?

  13. This is the link for the Phantom chairs
    Go and have a look.
    Or come at my blog to see them.
    Have a nice day, Rosanna

  14. Hi Modern MC, Thanks for the sweet comment on my photo; time for a change. Husband and me on nice fall day sitting outside our favorite coffee shop.

  15. Loving the mini chairs. Not much in Ole Blighty, though I haven't scoured every shop...yet =0D
    I'm hoping the 'make-your-own-Christmas-card-brigade' might throw up a few mini decorations to use.
    'Toys-R-Us' are next on the list

    Happy mini hunting!