Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm OK...Are U.K.?

I went to the Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures this past weekend. I never expect to find anything worthwhile when I attend traditional dollhouse shows. They are typically a sea of items that I really can't use...okay, and many I wouldn't use if you paid me. It's mostly "beautiful things" for everyone else. I've been getting into more vintage, modern farmhouse and industrial looking items so I was able to find some pieces that play into that realm. Something that is quite disappointing is how cold and suspicious many dealers are at these shows. I know that I don't look like the typical dollhouse demographic but it's weird to get a frosty mug of evil eye or a harsh side of "What do you want?" while browsing. I had lots of bizarre encounters but the most humorous one was when a dealer fumbled a compliment towards me and said that I had a "pretty mouth". They cringed at their awkward statement and I was left embarrassed while trying to turn the volume down on "dueling banjos".

All that said...
I did meet a cool and utterly crafty woman named Ilisha Helfman (check out her blog). AND my highlight of the experience was meeting Peter Tucker and his lovely wife. Truthfully, I only went to the show because I foun
d out that Peter was going to be there. It was very hard to keep myself under control as I made tough decisions about which handcrafted items would be coming home with me. In case you had any doubt, Peter Tucker is an incredibly nice man. He has this gentle soul vibe that instantly makes you feel comfortable. I wanted to give him a hug but kept my super nerd crazy at bay and settled for a picture:

The Goods: Sofa is AG Minis; chair is Reac; coffee table is PRD; shelving unit and tool chest bar are Toy Island; Guitars are Miniature Guitar USA; all accessories are Zuri, Re-Ment, MacFarlane Toys, Twisting Toyz, Mini Modernistas, Wright Guide Miniatures, Muji, AG Minis, Playmobil, jewelry pieces and finds from ebay and the hobby store.


  1. You've got me very curious with your comments about dealers reactions to you. A pretty mouth, hmm? Not the usual demographic? Somehow I'd always imagined you as a human, but now I'm thinking maybe you're a wolf (werewolf?), and the 'pretty mouth' comment was a kind of 'please don't eat me', or an alien of some kind (trying to think of aliens with pretty mouths) ....
    But maybe I'm being speciesist - I don't want you to think I have anything against wolves or aliens ..

    I think I would find it quite hard to be face to face with Peter Tucker miniatures and have to DECIDE! I hope you'll show us your goodies, as well as the very nice Peter.

    I haven't checked your new links for a while, and I'm very intrigued by some of them. The 'shelter publications' project was fascinating - absolutely loved the chicken house (though you can see how out of the design world I am when I thought 'shelter publications' had something to do with animal rescue, or homeless people ...)
    And the Sunday magazines paper dolls blog is amazing, brilliant, awesome! What an idea, and what superb creations!

  2. I just had to follow your blog it's like a breath of fresh air, I love that furniture!

  3. Cool! Sounds fun. Peter is such a nice guy! CM

  4. I love it! So cool with a slightly retro feel.

  5. I love the scene, but am sad to hear of your experience at the show. I've only been to one show, and I do agree that most of the stuff is a "no go." I found myself hunting through a lot. Some of the dealers were smiley and nice, while others just seemed tired. People were a bit crazy and pushy, too. Rudeness has no place -- in any scale! Well, at least Peter Tucker is a gem. Can't wait to see your buys!

  6. HA HA, Rebecca!!
    Your humor is A+. And your werewolf comment hits closer to home than you think---err, and definitely not in that teen spirit that smells like Team Jacob way. Chuckles. From another planet? Feel like it sometimes. Smiles.

    Yes, it was awfully hard to make a decision on all the cool Peter Tucker greatness. It took a lot of restraint to not take every single item that he had out for sale. And I mean that, man!

    The paper dolls are brilliant and Ilisha made me immediately think of Anna-Maria (The Shopping Sherpa).

  7. Hello Marisa,
    Thank you for such nice words. I hope the blog keeps you entertained.

  8. Hi My Realitty,
    I haven't forgotten about the Andy Allan chair...(insert evil laugh here) Smiles!

  9. Hola Lisa!
    Looking forward to seeing all that you do with the wee place. Smiles!

  10. Hey Callsmall
    Yeah, it was kind of uncomfortable--and you are right, I did see and hear some rude customers. I guess it always surprises me because it's a hobby and for fun so I don't get the dark clouds. They need to hang a sign with your "Rudeness has no place -- in any scale!" quote. Well, looks like Rebecca wins this round. Apparently I was the alien with the smile on their pretty mouth. Chuckles!

  11. I was thinking about attending that show! I've never been too a mini show. PeterTucker is very talented Wow.
    My imagination runs wild as to the reaction to your appearance at the show. Very young and very Goth? Extreme rasta compete with waist length dreadlocks? Hmmmmmm
    Love your blog!

  12. Hey Barb!
    I guess I do index a little younger on the age scale at these shindigs. And HA HA!--I actually did have waist length locs up until about a year ago. I've never tried the Goth look--hmm, maybe the next dollhouse show I'll work that look...Smiles.

  13. I agree totally with you on the dollhouse shows. Out of 100 exhibitors at SIMP there was only a handful that had miniatures that could be used in a modern setting. Most of the exhibitors were very nice though, but also some not so nice, and wouldn't even allow to take photos of their stand.
    But how amazing to meet Peter Tucker! When I first discovered your blog, your link to the Peter Tucker home page was a huge favourite of mine!
    Love the headline pun, I thought the New England style was becoming very boring, but you have infused it with new life, I love this set up! Very cool, love the guitar holding hands :-)

    I have had a good time this evening looking through your great set ups from the DWR event. I saw in an earlier post that you asked for suggestions for a good place for an international event. I vote for either New York or London. As far as I know, New York is the only city in the US which is easy accessible from Europe and London has good communications to almost the whole world. Infact callsmall and I talked about a meet-up in London when we met. Perhaps with modern miniature artists giving classes where we could learn to make our own miniatures. (It's already being done by the one's collecting "old" miniatures)

  14. Definitely agree with your comments about the show. I was there also, sorry I missed you, but I can appreciate your comments. I did not realize Peter would be there and was a little flabbergasted when I picked up an lamp and saw his signature on the bottom of it. Needless to say, it came home with me but I contemplated others -- the black and white table, the sofa -- but managed to be somewhat restrained. Not a lot of modern items and the venue was very cramped. I have a trip planned for the East Coast the week prior to the Philadelphia miniature show and will attend one day; am hoping it will be different.

  15. Hola Pubdoll!
    I remember finding Peter Tucker's site and just browsing for hours, returning often. I had the same experience when I stumbled upon ELF Miniatures.

    I'm glad you dig the hand guitar holders. I think something like that would be cool in real life. I've seen some for holding keys and coats but never for instruments. I wanted to make decals so it looked like the hands had punched through the wall, but didn't.

    Still researching meet up locations. There's definitely New York interest for attendees. Hmm...

  16. Hello Min2B,
    Aww! It would have been great to have ran into you there! I bought a few PT items and am loving the quality work. I mean it is so solid yet light. The cuts are precise, the joints, the quality of wood, and his wife's textiles. I usually don't mind people messing with my miniatures, but the Peter Tucker items are being added to the small list of "Do Not Touch". He's amazing and his wife was too. They had such wonderful spirits. Please do share your experience in Philly after the event.

  17. Hi! I have been a silent folllower of your blog. I love it so much. I am turning my lakeview into a sort of renovated farmhouse/cabin for the whole doll family to go during summer and winter break. I have the whole story planned out :)

    I just won the AG mini's stylin seating set. I love how you have done it. What do you find works for other couch coverings? Not crazy about the zebra. Also, does anyone know where to get modern cabin-ish bunkbeds for a bunk room in a dollhouse??


  18. Hey Spencer!
    Thanks for sharing the love. The weird zebra/"swirlicious" pattern on the AG Minis couch is painful. A quick trip to the fabric store should present you with lots of possibilities for covering. As you know, I am horrible at crafting anything so I typically wrap the fabric around the cushions and sew it just enough to get a good fit but not prevent me from removing it and changing it up later. Some folks glue fabric onto the cushions but I've had disasters with that method. The Union Jack fabric on the seating is actually cut from the Baby Legs leg warmers that my little one used to wear. So you can use just about any fabric cut to fit. I'm sure others have some great ideas and input.

    Hmm...I'm not sure I've ever seen any modern cabin style bunkbeds. It might be best to send a photo of what you desire, along with measurements and a budget to the community of modern artisans to give you a quote on what can be accomplished. That way you can get exactly (or as close as budget allows) what you have in mind.

    Please do share your progress, etc.! I'm all about the theme you have set.

  19. Thanks, MC! I do have a blog, but haven't posted much, will soon start, it is

    I built some beds along with a daybed and trundle and those will work for a while. I'm also looking at just small, kid size farmhouse style beds. Very hard to find the right thing. I need them small, because I have to fit at least four, all with daybeds, in a small space. I am working with Lakeview, but the spaces are not very easy to work with.

    Oh, and on one of your earlier posts, I saw you had used mixed hardwood flooring in your ocean drive. How did you do this??? I would love to know.

    Spencer G.

  20. Hi Spencer,
    I got the mixed flooring in the Ocean Drive from a local dollhouse shop. It's a common and run-of-the-mill wood flooring sheet that I paid someone else to install. And I want to say that the installation process is a simple cut to fit and glue--then varnish. You should be able to find similar if not the exact same one via a "mixed wood flooring dollhouse" search, etc.

  21. The scene is looking awesome.. love the UK vibe! You really can't go wrong with those colors too..

    And I know how you feel about those shows.. like 99% of it seems to be catering to the victorian collectors. Its also to bad about the dealers.. at least you got to meet Peter Tucker. Hopefully we can see some pictures of what you bought from him soon ;-)

  22. Hey! Mini Modern, Lawbre Is Making That Contemprary DH, And Motts Minis is selling it!

  23. I'm sorry you had that experience. :(

    I went to my first big show (Philadelphia Miniaturia) and the dealers couldn't have been lovelier. I even made a couple of new friends.