Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Miniio, I Just Might Join The 1:6 Party...

Check out Miniio, a new player in the modern dollhouse world. Made of wood, stone, metal and non-toxic and food-safe materials, these structures and furniture pieces are 1:6 scale for Barbie and other fashion dolls. I have a feeling the structures might work well for 1:12 too...

UPDATE 10/03/11:
Awesome news! Miniio will make 1:12 scale versions of their furniture items sans the pendant lamps upon request. These smaller items can be shipped to the U.S. and Australia. Contact the lovely folks at Miniio via to order!

Image: Miniio


  1. Ooo La la! I found playing with my 1/6 i house that it works really well for 1/12... the ceilings are nice and high.

    Oh dear, more to want! CM

  2. LOVE IT! The two story house and their furniture make a very compelling argument to go large. Tempting...
    Cool find! :D

  3. They only ship to Europe, though. Too, too bad as these are so great.

  4. Hey Hunky Dory,
    They might be willing to ship outside of Europe to interested parties in the U.S. You should definitely contact them to confirm.

    Yes, these structures are quite gorgeous...

  5. Let's send them a petition signed by all the miniature freaks in the US. Kinda joking, but we millions might just be persuasive enough.

  6. They say they want to ship to the U.S. but need to find a distributor here. Shipping from their location to the U.S. is more than $100 and their mission is to stay affordable so they don't want to ship at that price. I guess we need to petition a U.S. distributor...

  7. If you want to get it posted to me in Ole Blighty, I promise I will forward it on...eventually =0D

  8. wow! it looks really really great!

  9. Hi,
    It's us - Miniio:) Thank you all for such warm welcome - we definitely need that petition:) No,seriously, we really need to find a distributor in the US, can't be that hard, for unknown seriously small company form Poland:) Or we need to build Mayflower 1/6 scale:)
    Anyway, thanks again and promise we will join you soon:)