Monday, September 19, 2011

Meh. It's A Bathroom.

I am not fond of the scene above ya go! Ha! I started working on another scene in the middle of this one and completely lost my interest for this room. However, I am fond--very fond of this sink and bathtub component that Paris Renfroe made custom for me. The design is based on one featured in Dwell Magazine (Sept. 2009) by Cecilia Tham and Yoel Karaso of Habitan Architects. I think it is ingenious the way the faucet swivels to function for either the sink or tub. This piece is one of my prized possessions and there is even a matching kitchenette. It's the kind of miniature that can sit on a shelf all by itself and look good. 

The Goods: sink and tub component is PRD Miniatures; shower is Reutter Porcelain; toilet is brinca dada; All accessories are brinca dada, Toy Island, Reutter Porcelain, Re-Ment, Mini Dork, DCWV, Reac, Mattel, and common hobby store finds.


  1. That is a very unusual sink/tub design!

  2. I just looked at that birdcage yesterday! :D I love the floor! Beautiful room.

  3. I could use that in my bathroom remodel! 1/1 Thanks CM

  4. I've never seen a miniature bathroom like this one.. the design is amazing! :) Great work, so stylish!

    Hugs from Venice


  5. Hey Dale's Dreams,
    I do think the design of that sink and tub are awesome. I wish I had the 1:1 version.

  6. Thanks Otterine!
    I still wish that I had your skills. Oh the wonderful things I WISH I could make. Ha!

  7. Hey My Realitty,
    Paris could probably make you a 1:1...

  8. Hello Mijbil!
    Thank you for such nice compliments. My cheeks are rouge. Hugs right back at ya!