Saturday, July 9, 2011

Minimodernistas In The Neville House

Doris Nathanson of Minimodernistas quickly crafted perfect walkways to connect two or more of CB2's Neville Houses. She made a narrow walkway and a wide walkway that has removable steps. As you can see from the pictures, the walkways lend themselves to some cool decorating ideas. Doris is contemplating offering them for sale in her store. I think they are quite lovely and she should go for it. What do you think? 
Images: Doris Nathanson (1:18 scale furniture shown)


  1. Well done Doris, great idea to combine two Neville homes. Coincidentally, I just started working with my daughter Fiona on a Neville house. We are planning a beach cottage theme. I will post pix to my blog when it's complete. Btw, these will sell fast!

  2. Great idea of her to make those walkways! I love her miniatures too, thanks for the link ;-)

    Hugs Jollie