Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yet Another Use For Club Soda...

I'm still experimenting with that vintage, recycled, modern farmhouse thing. It's in my head and now it's starting to affect my 1:1 realm as I consider redecorating rooms of my home. I desperately want a 1:12 renovated barn/modern farmhouse structure but there's absolutely nothing out there on the market. Sob! (Hmm...tears or acronym? You decide. Chuckles!)

The Goods: Chairs are CJ's; the table/island is JUN Planning and Twisting Toyz; storage hutch is a standard hobby store find; Miele kitchen is Theo Klein; all accessories are 7 Gypsies, Mighty World, Bodo Hennig, Le Creuset, Silver Acorn, Plan Toys, Re-Ment, JUN Planning, Lundby and DCWV.


  1. Cool an I mean that literally like for summer. There is a barn kit in the hbs catalog. Also a couple of "Country Cottages". I think there is one for $39.00

    Yee haw C

  2. Oh My Realitty,
    The "Yee haw" slays me. Ha ha!