Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yard Burger

I really like the PRD Freight PODs. I want to get one of the new versions that Mr. Renfroe has designed, but I am quite happy with the original thus far. I started making a nursery with this structure but changed my mind midway and went the burger stand route. I imagine this restaurant to have originally been a popular lunch truck that the owner decided to convert to a shipping container after they bought a vacant lot in the city's downtown. There's always a line at lunch time during the workweek! Chuckles.

The restaurant name is a play on a couple of things: the shipping yards and the slang term for chicken, plus the phonetic similarity between "bird" and "burger". Shrug. Without spending a lot of time on this scene, I worked with standard fonts and images to give the restaurant's branding an industrial edge that is supposed to be reminiscent of a shipping company logo. It didn't come out too too bad considering my half-ass attempt. I had fun putting this one together so I guess that's what really matters. Oh! And man, did I want a burger and fries after!!

The Goods: Counters are Selecta; cabinet and drink maker are Playmobil; seating outside is Bodo Hennig and Sirch; seating inside is Voila Toys; All tables outside are Re-Ment; All tables inside are MegaHouse; All accessories are Mighty World, Re-Ment, Breyer, Lil' Bratz, Playmobil, Lundby, and run-of-the-mill hobby store purchases.


  1. I can see you had fun and I have too. This scene really makes me hungry, even though I had burger and fries in my lunchbreak today.
    I love all the different orange and I love all the people in this cool coats, like detectives. oh, I've been looking to much tv-series....
    thank you for sharing.

  2. I LOVE this, and all the amazing details! I want to go there. My guess is that you have design/typography skills somewhere in your background...the signs are so realistic and really help create the vibe you were seeking with this, and the color scheme is so coordinated. It is also neat to see how you've used the PRD pod. Was the narrowness challenging? Is it easy to photograph?

  3. Brilliant - I like this scene so much!

  4. Thanks Oese!
    I was suffering while looking for good images of burgers, onion rings, fries and ice cream shakes. Sadly, I never got my burger and fries. We ended up having fish, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Boo hoo! I mean, it was good but not quite satisfying. What's funny is that most of these action figures are designed after TV characters who are sort of like detectives --SciFi ones, but just the same.

  5. Hi Callsmall,
    Thanks much! You're too kind. I have zero design skills--and even less ability in typography. I'm glad the signs are coming off realistic, because I don't have much confidence there. The width of the POD was a unique challenge. I kind of felt the same as I do when working with the Kaleidoscope House's great room. It didn't feel like a hindrance, but you have to think about what you want to do and have furnishings that work well with the space. Can't wait to see what pieces Paris makes custom to the PODs. Photographing the structure was only difficult from one angle because I had the sliding door butted against the counter to look like a wall with a pass through to the dumpster area or where the employees go smoke. If I hadn't designed that way, I would have been able to slide the door open fully and photograph. It's a challenge to photograph any of the modern dollhouses with great glazing because it reflects so much or (in my case) keeps capturing my ugly face and really, nobody wants to see that. Actually, my mini-me and I kept shouting "duck!" and crouching to the floor as I snapped away at the set-up. Ha ha!

  6. Thanks Susan!
    Wish I had sewing skills though...

  7. I love Dr Who and Torchwood so it's fun to see all the familiar faces in the line there :-)
    Neat use of the freight POD and the Selecta counter and Playmobil cabinet look great together! I have the cabinet too, but in different colours.
    A little tip for photographing mirrors and windows. When I photographed the bathroom, I hid behind a large white tray with the lens just over the edge of the tray.
    And I thought too you had some sort of typograph background, your signs are always great :-)

  8. Oh wow. Brilliant, especially the action scene inside! [chuckles]
    So what is the slang name for chicken?

  9. Thanks very much Pubdoll,
    I'll definitely have to try the photo tip. Oh! They make another color of that cabinet. I'll have to search for it...

  10. Thanks Rebecca!
    Ha ha--it's "Yard Bird".

  11. wow! this is amazing! I love the colours
    it beats my 'local burger' bar any day!
    love the buzz!

  12. This is fantastic! The highlight of my day.

  13. Where do you get your people?I love that Yard Burger son funny.

  14. I have to commend you for the great concept and that you managed to takes such good photos. I thought it was nearly impossible to take good photos in the pod, but the new one is perfect! I'd love to get one of the new ones. I love the look of both of them though.