Monday, September 14, 2009

The Nest

No open flame by the crib, please. Actually, no open flame anywhere in this, um...very child safe nursery. Yeah, there's lots of kindling. Chuckles. I put this room together a few weeks ago, didn't complete it and had horrible lighting for the pictures. Oh well, at least the Argington Eiffel Book Case looks fabulous. Thank you, Jenny!

The Goods: Bookcase is Argington; chair is Reac Japan; the crib is Oil of Olay packaging; the rug is PRD; the large art on the wall is called "Caging the Forest Bird" by kgb; the other art is Anne Geddes and West Elm; All the accessories are AG Minis, Plan Toys, Re-Ment, and random pieces from the craft store and some old potpourri.


  1. wow, this bookcase is so excellent. I have never seen something like this before, but I think it is famous. I wasn't interested in designer-furniture before my miniature-life, so I learn about that a lot.
    the whole scene is so - I fail finding an expression. I love it. The crib is a package? Oh my god, your ideas! I think we tell in Oil of Olaz in Europe, THAT is well known by me ;-)
    I love all the bird-pics on the walls too.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Thanks Oese!
    ha ha--yes, Oil of Olaz is the name of the Oil of Olay product in Germany and (I think) Italy. I think Olaz is the original name. I douse myself in it with hopes that I'll become a swan. I do love the bookcase. It is one of my treasured pieces. BTW, I don't think I have ever mentioned this but I do so admire how often you work with your miniatures and how often you continue to create something new.

  3. Awww...I love the nest as a way to describe the little one's sleeping spot. I wish I can remember the blissful, dreamy sleep of being little. The bookcase is rocking! So, does this mean you bought one of their furniture sets? Or do they make separates?

  4. Thank you very much MC! Yes, I spend a lot of time with my miniatures and sometimes I'm a little bit in a worry about this. But the matter of fact is, that my children are grown up, my mother is very healthy and a lot "on the road", my daughter is my workmate, we see each other every day and can talk in the lunchbreak, so I really have enought time off. I could become depressed or a couch-potatoe in this age about 50, it is not so easy to be over 50 as I thought when I was 45 or younger. So it is a very good way - propably saving me - to live and to handle with creativity and art. Sometimes I say it is my sheet anchor (hope you know what I mean). That's about admiring people ;-)
    MC, you ARE a swan.

  5. Thanks Callsmall,
    I got one of the sets. It's one of my treasures. The case is bigger than I expected--it's about the size of a suitcase!

  6. Aww Shucks, Oese!
    I'm blushing under my Oil of Olay. ha ha! I am glad that your miniatures bring you so much joy. BTW, 50 is officially the new 30 so do the math "appropriately". Smiles.

  7. Poor birdie, a cuckoo in its nest! No wonder the bird cage is empty, no time for rest with a fosterchild like that!
    Love the Argington bookcase!

  8. What companies make your figures.