Sunday, September 6, 2009

WANTED: Tom Buchta

Mini2b sent me this contemporary dollhouse from the September 1981 issue of Nutshell News. Whoa! It's pretty fantastic. I have never seen this house before. Reminds me of the Brookwood meets the Garden House with a side of Merrimack fries. Hey Tom Buchta! Are you out there?! I'm getting zero leads on a quick Google. Anyone know more?

P.S. Mickey B---is this the dollhouse you were looking for??

Image: Nutshell News, September 1981


  1. A gorgeous house, and it seems it has an abundance of lovely rooms to decorate! But it also seems huge though, I don't think many would have the space required!

  2. local mini store sale back isues of nutshell news usally.

  3. Have you seen the Merrimack Dollhouse Kit at Earth & Tree? Similar style.

    Sassy Marsha

  4. LOL! No, but it did get my attention, and the Tom Buchta is a very nice design. I tried searching as well, but same no luck. The one I remember would have been published in a magazine sometime between 1975-1977. Women's Day, McCall's, Good Housekeeping, or it could have been a Canadian magazine. I'm thinking it was a diy copycat design of a modern prefab dollhouse design of the day. I remember that it had a garage, the open balcony, and two bedrooms (I think over the garage). The balcony overlooked the living room, and then the dining room and kitchen were on the outside length. I think there was a patio as well. The Garden House is still the closest design I've seen.
    Ahhh one day I may find it.

    Mickey B

  5. Do you have any info on the house you mentioned called the "Garden House"? I remember seeing that house in a magazine a long time ago but can't find anything. Do you know who made it and if by any chance its still available?
    Love your houses!

  6. Tom Buchta is my dad. This is one of the earliest dollhouses he made. I can't believe how young he looks in the picture and didn't know he had a fan club out there!

    Amy (Buchta) Faubl

  7. Hi Amy,
    I bet you had some cool dollhouses growing up! I hope your dad is doing well. Yes, we are big fans of his work. Do you know what happened to the contemporary house pictured here?
    Best to you and your family!