Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Mini-Modernistas is a new miniature venture by Doris Nathanson. Above is some of her great 1:12 work. Clockwise from the top is the Knoll Fabric Sofa ($40) which features real Knoll fabric and is shown here in scarlet but also comes in charcoal gray, the Case Study Bed ($34), and the Tootsie Roll Sofa ($38) which comes in aubergine, burnt orange and apple. I think all of these are great, but I am especially enamored with the Tootsie Roll Sofa that is designed after the DWR Twilight Sleep Sofa. Doris also makes and sells the miniature accessories shown here. The Nelson ball clock comes in metal, white, yellow and multi. The floor lamp comes in metal, orange and chartreuse. There's even a miniature Eames Hang-It-All available.

You can see Mini-Modernistas items personally at the Southern CA Tom Bishop Show in July and at the San Jose Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures in October.

Contact minimodernistas@verizon.net to order.

UPDATE 6/28/09
See more Mini-Modernistas on Flickr HERE.

Doris Nathanson


  1. Thank you for finding and posting about these miniatures. They are fantastic! And at a really good price point.

    It's heartening to see that more people are entering the modern mini market!

  2. I know! I think I am going to be in trouble if I go to any of the CA shows.

  3. Aaaahhhh! Screw my bills -- ordering these babies now!!!

  4. I love this furniture!
    So great to see new modern miniaturists making a scene:)

    Do you know if and where there's a place I can find more pictures of her work?

  5. Hi Pubdoll!
    I am certain she will send you additional pictures if you send her an email inquiry.

  6. Great prices for those! I had several Reac chairs that broke that I was thinking of replacing, but maybe I will hold off and buy these instead. The prices are terrific.

  7. What? [looks at Modern MC in a puzzled face] Hey, I'm being honest. Besides, these pieces look fantastic and the prices are extremely reasonable. Hopefully Ms. Nathanson will have a site or even a gallery showing her other items. Again, the pics are drool worthy!

  8. Hello all!
    Thanks again, MC, for your support. I do not have a website at this time. But any of you who are interested, please email me and I will send additional photos.
    I will have all photos ready by week's end. Thanks to you all for the wonderful comments!

  9. I have ordered some Bodo Hennig furniture from Dollhouse Collectables and received the items timely and in good condition. They have a lot of furniture on their website: