Saturday, June 20, 2009

Green Dollhouse: The Kids' Rooms

I tried to give the impression that the boys had something like those Ikea Lova leaf decorations hanging in their room. Since it is supposed to be a green home, I decorated both rooms with several market storage crates to make the family look like they are somewhat true to the whole "recycle, reuse" lifestyle.

Boys' Room: Beds and linens are Plan Toys; Eames elephant is Reac Japan; Lamp is AG Minis; Frog Art is Selecta; All other accessories are Re-Ment, Character Options, Tech Deck, and AG Minis. The dolls are by Mary Colleen Eld of Silver Acorn.

Girl's Room: Bed and linens are Plan Toys and AG Minis; Shelving unit is Voila Toys; Chair and Stool are Plan Toys; Rug is Bozart Toys; All other accessories are Mighty World, MCA, AG Minis and Re-Ment. The doll is by Mary Colleen Eld of Silver Acorn.


  1. that is so nice!
    I love the green leaves above the beds and the Eames elefant. I tried to make one of paper, but I through it all away ;-)

  2. Both rooms look great! The crates filled with things are so realistic, plus well designed and perfect for a Green House! The dolls look very at home there.

  3. Thanks Oese!
    You must try again at that elephant. I have a feeling that you'll make a pretty good one. I do love those little Eames elephants.

  4. Hi Rebecca
    Thanks much for the nice compliments! I just love those Silver Acorn dolls. I wish I had found the artist earlier. I definitely want to buy more. They are made really great.

  5. Okay MC, if you believe in me, I will try to make another elephant and hope it won't be THROWN away.

  6. I love the green theme, both the colours and style. The craters fits perfecty the shelves and theme.
    And I love the posters in the girl's room, too :-)
    The Silver Acorn dolls are really lovely and very flexible it seems?
    So nice to see the Eames elephant, I wasn't sure about the size, but now I will have to get one. (I'm not as handy as Oese :-))

  7. Absolutely Oese--Try, try again!
    I'm very good at preaching that but awful at living it. ha!

  8. Thanks Pubdoll!
    Ha ha--selecting images for the posters was funny. Note: There's a lot of NON-heartthrobs in a "teen heartthrob" Google search.
    And the Silver Acorn dolls are completely flexible. It's a little tricky to get them to stand and sometimes tricky to pose them holding some items but tape and sticky tack make it all work out well. They do hold up to rough handling very well and can definitely be passed down a few generations. I would guess their only enemy would be a moth, but I store them in anti-pest herbals (clove, eucalyptus, cedar, etc.)Plus, the dolls are quite inexpensive. I love their faces and the texture of their hair and clothing. They rock! Sorry, I have a tendency to rave about stuff I really like. Oh, did I mention that I like the Silver Acorn dolls? ha ha

  9. Is that Orlando Bloom I spy on the wall? LOL These rooms are incredible! The toys, the mini accessories, are really key in giving your settings a real lived in feel. Awesome!!

  10. Lucky ducks! I can't decide which room I like better! The accessories all look so real and I love these dolls. How are you liking the Green Dollhouse furniture?

  11. Thanks Altera,

    Ha ha--Yeah, that's Orlando Bloom. I guess teens are into that guy?? Shrug. Doesn't he seem just like a regular old dude? I don't get the perceived sex appeal.

    I do need to get some new miniature accessories. I keep using the same ones over and over and over...

  12. Hola Call Small,
    Thanks much! I like the Green Dollhouse beds and seating--although the seating is a little under scale. You could definitely use the living room sofa and club chairs for a 3/4 scale setting. I started on the living room for the Green Dollhouse and wasn't feeling the original sofas for the set-up. When I put in other furniture, they looked a bit out of place. I'll have to use them for another scene.

  13. This is one of the many things on your blog that I'd love to have permission to repost a few pictures of on fluffybricks!