Friday, June 26, 2009

M112 Pods: Rusty Freight Goodness

Paris Renfroe of PRD has built the first of his series of M112 Freight Pods. It's a miniature work of art in a genuine rust finish that makes the final 1:12 structure look incredibly like an authentic shipping container. As a matter of fact, the rust finish is so good looking that Paris plans to make a few 1:12 cabinetry pieces that utilize the treatment.

I absolutely love the interior space of this miniature building and the sliding panel doors that deliver great lighting. I think you could use these pods to set up some fabulous miniature scenes, but I expect that people will also be buying these to showcase their collection of Reac or even Vitra designer chairs. Over the next week or so, expect to see how these mini modular freight babies look in a variety of stacked configurations. Plus, Paris will soon be introducing a line of kitchens and baths especially designed for the pods.

In addition to the rust finish, the pods are available in blue, green, gray, yellow and red. And I imagine that Mr. Renfroe is willing to do customized pods for interested customers. Prices for the M112 Freight Pods are approximately $150 - $200 for the basic colors and $250 for the rust finish.

Want one? Two? Contact Paris Renfroe at

Images: Paris Renfroe


  1. Modern're killing me with these photos! Not that I mind [keep the photos and entries coming!], but still....ohhh, I can hear my checking account screeching as I reach for the mouse. :p

    [too many things to salivate, so little time and money]

    Okay, will officially be downgrading to eating ramen and instant rice for the next two months to cover these expenses...

  2. I'm killing you??
    Trust me, it's suicide ova here.

  3. Perfect, perfect, perfect....congrats Paris!

  4. oh, I learned a new word: to salivate. I love both, this expression and the pods.

  5. Second that Oese! Ach, it's the season of multiple decisions!

    Completely sympathize Modern MC -- guess one needs to have a napkin on hand when checking your site. Too many photos to lust/salivate over! o_O

  6. I am really enjoying your blog. I would love it if you would add a subscribe gadget (widget) to the page. That way anything new will show up in my Google reader. Much like reading the newspaper everyday I get to see what all my favorite blogs are up to whenever they add new content.


  7. Hi Karin,
    Thank you much for your interest.How very flattering! I have added the subscribe feature.

  8. OK...I'm going to put my hand up and say that I was totally 'fooled' by these...I'm still finding it hard to believe that it is 1:12 scale...really??...what date is it, it's way to late for April 1.

  9. Ha ha! Yep, it is a 1:12 miniature model.

  10. i'm still salivating.

    pity i've already put in my request for my birthday present from my husband! Can't turn my "longing" into "belonging"!!!!!

    Oese: glad to be of any help in learning new words :)