Thursday, May 28, 2009

PRD Stackable Shipping Container Modules

Paris Renfroe of PRD Miniatures is bringing new 1:12 shipping container modules to the market. The units are 20"L x 8"D x 8.5"H and feature sliding plexi doors on one side, a concealed barn-style door on the other and a solid plexi floor to ceiling window on the end.

The units offer collectors full flexibility to stack the structure in several multiples and a variety of configurations. You can flip the modules and stack them above or next to each other. Access panels in the floor connect the pods with a metal bar-style ladder so that your mini figs don't have to teleport when you stack multiples. The units will be available in orange, red, green, blue, white, gray and possibly a rusty finish option. Currently, each module is expected to retail $150 - $200.

And, of course, Paris will be making a special series of designer furniture, including partitioned kitchens and baths to complement the structures.

UPDATE 5/31/09
Paris is now taking orders for the container Pods. Contact him at

Images: Paris Renfroe


  1. Fabulous news for me (but not my wallet)!

  2. I could see these modules being an addiction. You'd buy 2 or 3 at first and then another and then another and then another...

  3. Agreed - these look too tempting. Lots of great modern dollhouse news this week though!

  4. Wonderful - I'd love one of these! Or two, or three...