Saturday, April 19, 2008

Momoll Legno Bathtubs

I did get a few sets of the Momoll Legno furniture. This is one of three rooms that I have incorporated pieces from the Momoll sets. Overall, I like them--good colors and decent quality. The felt applied to some pieces is a thicker pile that will lightly shed and pill. I wonder how these will look over time--especially after child's play. Anyway, they blend in well for more realistic miniature scenes.

The tubs are from Momoll, the sink combination is from Streets Ahead Dollhouse and Mighty World and the plants are from Breyer. All accessories that aren't from a crafts store are from Lil' Bratz, various action figures, Re-Ment and the Room by Room Dollhouse by Toy Island/Jazwares.


  1. Can I shrink to a 1:12 version of myself and enjoy a bath in this spa room??

  2. I love those sink combinations!

    Actually, this room is my favorite and the one I always show my friends and family when they look at me weird and ask "Dollhouses?"

    I've tried looking online and locally for them, but Streets Ahead claim that they don't have any U.S. retailers. Do you have a "go to" place for Streets Ahead stuff?

  3. Hi Cecilia!

    Thank you much. And "Yes", I typically get Streets Ahead Dollhouse items from
    and ebay.