Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Momoll Legno Furniture

I've been wanting to get the Momoll Legno furniture set for several months now. It reminds me of the Voila Toys wooden dollhouse pieces that I like. These pieces could be used in a variety of ways. The only retailer that I have found is the Little Fashion Gallery and I am trying to cut down on my international shopping. Trying! I would like to find a seller in the U.S. but am having no luck. Perhaps I just need to give it some time to get popular. I need at least 3 sets...maybe 4...or 5.

Images: www.littlefashiongallery.com


  1. Maybe you have already found this store and that explains why they are out of stock on the Momoll furniture! I found it by accident so thought I would share with you:

    kid o
    123 west 10th street
    new york ny 10011
    phone: 212.366.kido (5436)
    fax: 212.366.5405
    email: info@kidonyc.com

  2. Ha! ha! Yes, I did find them but was only able to get a few sets. Thank you so much for this info! I hope to get more when they restock.