Sunday, April 20, 2008

Living Room In The Loft Space

I moved the living space from the first floor to the second floor loft of the Malibu Beach dollhouse. I think it looks kind of IKEA catalog, but I don't know. Shrug. I never have any idea what room I'll end up with.

The couch is from AG Minis. I cannot remember where the white pod chairs came from, but I know they are some 1950's or 60's piece that I got from eBay. The mirrored storage units are from Streets Ahead Dollhouse. The media units and tables are from Voila Toys. All the accessories are from Re-Ment, AG Minis, House & Garden Interior Decorator Sets by Irwin, the Kaleidoscope House and various action figures.

For those who want to know about rooms that take less time--this one took 20 minutes.


  1. Please tell me where you got the lovely wood floor as I'm just in the process of constructing my first dolls house ( Malibu Beach!)

  2. The wood flooring is the standard kind that you can find at any dollhouse hobby store. They come in sheets and the rule is typically one sheet per room. If I remember correctly, I think this wood flooring was Redwood. Congrats on the Malibu Beach! Maybe post pictures on the Modern Miniatures Flickr Group (see sidebar for link)when you finish building. I think everyone would love to see how your kit turns out.