Monday, April 21, 2008

Bodensee by Bodo Hennig--Where Are You?

Another modern designed dollhouse from 1981 that needs to come home with me. It's quite large at 37"x24"x23". I love all the retro print and colors on the walls, appreciate the glazing and the staircase is fabulous! Where can I find this beauty? Well, with any luck, it will show up on eBay..maybe on Craigslist or at a local garage sale. See more images via the Puppenhaus Museum. If anyone has more information about this dollhouse, please comment.

Images: Puppenhaus Museum


  1. Keep a search on eBay Germany if you're not already - and remember it's a 1/10th scale house which is why it's big.

    I have scans of catalogues for the furniture if you're interested...

  2. Yes, please do send the scans. Thanks!

  3. Hi,
    Puppenhaus Museum has a new adress:, you can find "Bodensee by Bodo Hennig" here:

  4. Thanks! I already updated the home site but had forgotten to update this post.

  5. I have a Bodensee - will be blogging about it very soon. I found it on UK ebay, luckily listed by a wonderful seller who was prepared to work out how to ship it to Australia. It cost heaps, but I love it. All the furniture came from German ebay, though.