Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dear Bespaq…Um...WTF??

There is a miniature manufacturing company by the name of Bespaq. You will find several dealers touting Bespaq miniature furnishings as “the most sought after in the miniature industry” and “ the collector’s quality”. The details in Bespaq pieces are indeed very good. The company markets pieces that reflect a variety of time periods and styles like Victorian, Colonial, French Provincial, Regency, Chippendale, Edwardian, French Country, etc., but I have yet to see this company produce pieces with a more modern aesthetic outside of their Art Deco pieces (pictured above). Adding insult to injury is the fact that the company address is in the San Francisco Bay Area where modern design is very much alive. I have no idea why this company does not offer some museum quality furniture for the modern collector. Anybody know?

I am particularly fond of the Art Deco vanity, chaise and bed. I think the $400+ Provincial kitchen set might look good in a dollhouse that had a contemporary style. I also think that two of the barber’s sinks would look quite interesting in a modern bathroom—might even blend well into an Arts & Crafts decor. Shrug.

Oh! And do you think I could hack one of the Bespaq hooded chairs to look like Jaime Hayon's Showtime Armchair with Cover?
Yeah...(sigh), probably not.

Pricing for Bespaq pieces and sets are generally anywhere from $30 - $600+

Images above are derived from sites listed as modern resources in the lower right frame.


  1. My guess-- and it's just a guess-- is that it's because the most popular dollhouses are Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian. Of course, a 20th-C. doll family could live in an old house with new furniture, but a lot of people have fun "cluttering up" their Victorian dollhouses with period furniture.

  2. Dear WTF,
    You make a good point, and I am sure there are collectors of modern furniture, however, the modern furniture collectors have usually been younger and not so deep pocketed as Bespaq's pieces need their buyers to be, as you know, the pieces aren't cheap...I have gone onto Flickr, looked up doll house, dollhouse and Rement for you, take a look at some of those pieces and the rooms that the people sharing their photographs have created with "Ikea" looking furniture and vintage Marx plastic pieces. I am a hardcore miniaturist and so strongly attached to my pre 1920's houses (no house in my collection has anything post 1930...) but even these rooms are a fun inspiration and maybe you can email some of them and ask them about their furniture resouces. It's not the best quality, but fun, cute & I think you'll love the inspitration!
    Your fellow miniaturist!

  3. Thanks Elissa, but I don't think you fully understand this post which I can only fault myself for. And I am probably more likely than not one of those Flickr shots that you referenced for me to seek out.

  4. is there a catalog, or book, that show every item bespaq created. im > looking for every item made from bespaq , picture and discription20and > year. is there a book or a web page that shows the complete history > past and present, with a picture and year bespaq created thanks i > notice you have a catalog for sale , and will purchase it, but i am > also looking for past items, or catalogs,
    thankss michelle

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I don't have any catalogs for sale. You may want to contact the Bespaq company directly or get in touch with a local hobby store in your area that has historically sold Bespaq items. Some keep their old catalogs on file. Best to you!