Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What's Going On In The Kaleidoscope House??

Inez was curious as to what was going on design-wise in my Kaleidoscope House. Sadly, not much. I do plan on putting a new bathroom in it though.

We'll see how long that takes...


  1. I love your site and visit often. Where did you find the white sofas? One looks like it is either by Vitra or the Designer Chair Collection.

  2. Hello "Anonymous"!
    The white sofa is a portion of the Jasper Morrison Elan sectional that was distributed as an accessory for the Kaleidoscope House. The white Le Corbusier chair is from the Reac Japan Design Interior Collection.

  3. I recently discovered your blog and visit it often. You've got some great works here. Will you be able to tell me where did you get the white area rug from?

  4. Thank you very much. The rug is actually a comforter from the AG Minis Blue Room set. You can see it being used "properly" in the WHERE THE POOL USED TO BE post.