Monday, August 29, 2011

Office Blues

I've been drowning in projects at work these past couple of weeks... They have zero mercy for me... It's definitely harder and harder to make time for my life or for miniatures... I'm trying to hang in there, man. Luckily, I have some cool work associates and friends who help keep it sane even though there's always a straitjacket ready for action... 

The Goods: Office hutch/cabinetry is brinca dada; desk is PRD; chair is Reac; file cabinet is brinca dada; bookshelf is Peter Tucker; bench is brinca dada; art is "Les Remparts" by besnard; planters are aerosol caps; pottery are ebay finds; all accessories are Re-Ment, Bozart Toys, Playmobil, Mattel, X10NY, LiLu by Zuri, Battat, DCWV, Minimodernistas, Plan Toys, Lundby, AG Minis, and common finds from hobby supply stores.


  1. I just wish my office looked as serene and clean and this...

  2. Dude, love the turquoise accents in this scene. I could totally work here. AND...imagine my surprise when I saw a familiar face in one of the photo frames. You're too funny. I hope your work woes diminish soon. Hugs.

  3. I wanna work in your office; where can I apply for the job. I have all the skills you ask for :-) (cough, cough) & I can start tomorrow if you want me to!

  4. Hey TSS!
    I wish my real office was similar to this too. Instead, there's a laundry basket of miniatures at my feet, lots of paper samples fighting on my desk and an inflatable dinosaur that keeps bumping my chair with the wind. Ahh, the real life, ey? Chuckles.

  5. Thanks Call Small!
    Ha ha--I hope you got a good laugh. Yes, I also hope those woes diminish soon. Looks like I need to make some changes in life...Hugs back at ya!

  6. Ha ha Debora,
    You are HIRED! The pay is small though...

  7. Hi...could you do plese the same miracle with my 1:1 "office" :)

    Love Your Office, every sigle place!

  8. Thanks Kikka!
    Ha ha---I really need to work on my own 1:1 space. It's "junkerific". Hey, if you lived closer--like A LOT CLOSER, I might be tempted to help ya out in 1:1. Chuckles!

  9. Thanks Hunky Dory, but not as cool as you, man! Ha!

  10. Looks hot! It's a big time of year. Didn't you get a diatom chair or two? I'm looking for a Bay area support group... C

  11. "straitjacket ready for action" oh goodness, you make me laugh so hard. Ha! Scott will get a kick about the photo frames, too cute! The blue is fabulous, but what really blows me away is how it doesn't look miniature at all. This looks like it came straight out of catalogue. So beautiful and realistic. LOVE IT!!! Hope you can slow down, life in the fast lane is too crazy. ;)

  12. Just amazing!!!
    I am so happy to finally see a modern doll house.
    Any thoughts of marketing your goodies?

  13. What up, Mini Dork!
    It's nice to have one fan of my humor. and I'm glad you get a kick out of the photo of you guys = cute couple of the year! Chuckles
    Sometimes I wish I could make my 1:1 digs look as real...Smiles

  14. Hola Anonymous!
    Sadly, I have nothing to market other than my oddness and enthusiasm for modern miniatures. And no one wants to buy that. ha! You can purchase just about everything in each scene via "The Goods" list. Thank you for such nice compliments, friend.

  15. You are too funny. I love your office...not too sure about the 'grinning loony' picture though =0P
    Maybe keeps the kiddies off the shelves huh?

    You are an inspiration!

  16. Hey My Realitty! Thanks!
    I haven't gotten my chairs yet...sob sob, but yeah, we should bring them to "that thing" if "that thing" happens and if I actually get my chairs.

  17. Thanks Pepper!
    And by "grinning loony", did you mean the "Beaute de Blighty"? Smiles.


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