Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I've Got My Hat On...I've Got My Boots Dusty

Old photographs of people always mess with me. I'm not sure if the image of this little cowboy is old stock or a new picture styled to capture that old-time feel. Either way, I wonder who this little dude is and if he is now an old dude or a dude that is still with us. I also wonder if he knows that American Greetings is making money off of his charming fake mustache or if he sees any of the "Benjamins" this image might be producing. Whatever the case may be, he is the inspiration behind this scene. 
My attempt here is to capture the playfulness and cowboy style that the picture expresses. I sprinkled the scene with some tall grasses, animal prints, leathers, woods and playful furniture and accessories. I chose the dining chairs because they hint at being horses. I chose the sofa because it is straight-up humor. And the arc lamp shown here is a lovely exchange from Call Small = Tee hee!
The Goods: Sofa and recliner are Reac Japan; bookshelf is Lundby; credenza is Minimodernistas; rug, dining table, and kitchenette are PRD; dining chairs are Take a Seat by Raine (Willitts Design); All accesories are American Greetings, Breyer, JUN Planning, Battat, Dwell, brinca dada, Lilu by Zuri, FLOR, Re-Ment, AG Minis, Bozart Toys, Lundby, Bodo Hennig, Reutter Porcelain, Concord Miniatures, and common finds from hobby stores.


  1. Have you got your saddle? On your horse?

    The lip sofa is cracking me up. It's so delightfully random given the setting... yet it's somehow perfect.

  2. Thanks Little Luxuries!
    Ahh...you recognize the song lyrics! ha ha!

  3. Sorry to everyone who left a comment earlier. I accidentally deleted the comments somehow because I am TECH SAVVY...who knew mouse clicks could be so hard?

  4. Hi, I'm a modern miniatures lover so I have been a faithful and delighted follower of your blog for quite a while.
    I created a blog of my own recently to show the miniatures I've been making and I would love if you checked it out and tell me what you think of it.
    king regards*

  5. Hey Eloise,
    I really like the Eames mini you built! I shall keep an eye on your blog, man. Nice.