Saturday, March 8, 2008

21st Century Beach Hut Models

These miniature beach huts are entries from the Bathing Beauties 2007 ‘Re-imagine the Beach Hut for the 21st Century’ international competition. There is a massive gallery of 1:15 scale models (slightly smaller than 1:12) that showcase modern coastal architecture. I would have loved the opportunity to purchase one or more of these models, but I am sure they remain with the artists and architects who created them. Actually, they probably occupy a space next to the Kaleidoscope House Pool Pavilion in Peter Wheelwright’s office. Little known fact: Mr. Wheelwright is the head honcho of a not-so-secret society of talented architects who create stunning miniature masterpieces and then dangle them out of the public's reach as a form of torture. Okay…it’s not a fact. Conspiracy theory?? Maybe.

Below are a few of my favorite models from the competition, but you must go to the Bathing Beauties website gallery to see them all.

Images: Bathing Beauties


  1. Oh my... what a find! Definitely a form of torture. I am totally stealing ideas for my next build. Thanks for the incredible link!

  2. Wow! What fun these would be to decorate, think of all the textiles you could use. it puts one in mind of hunting down architecture students and throwing money at them to create one of these lovelies. Great find, thanks!