Monday, November 1, 2010

Kitchen With A Repurpose

The scene above is constructed around the idea of someone putting together a kitchen using repurposed finds and appliances from a liquidation center. I might have mentioned earlier that I am becoming quite fond of weathered, vintage, recycled, farmhouse and industrial modern decor styles. This is another area seriously lacking supply in the modern miniature world. The upside is that I can actually utilize pieces from traditional artisans for this kind of style venture. Granted, I still have to dig for ideal pieces but every once in awhile something great turns up like the table used as an island in the scene above. It's intended for use in print shop scenes, but I think its weathered look and modern lines look great in a kitchen. Experimentation in this realm will probably continue as I try to get it out of my system...or not.

The Goods: Sink and oven are Theo Klein; island table is Wright Guide Miniatures; wood storage counters are Voila Toys; the cork stool came from some bubbly we enjoyed years ago; all accessories are Mighty World, Wright Guide Miniatures, Bodo Hennig, ReMent, Mattel, Lundby, Playmobil and random but common hobby store finds.


  1. very cool idea ,looks great

  2. Awesome idea for a scene. I would love to live in a place like that.


    Your floors = awesome!

  3. OMG! Will you come design my kitchen remodel? I LOVE the champagne cork for the stool. I will have to work on a set of 6...

    You are right the mix of modern and repurposed is elegant! Cheers CM

  4. I love the natural feel to this kitchen! The island table from Wright Guide Miniatures is awesome and great use of the wooden boxes as wall shelves. And they even recycle :-)

  5. This is awesome. And inspiring. I'm digging through my craft supplies right after I finish typing this. I've been working on a contemporary loft-like living room and I wanted a different look for it than my usual rooms, and this has given me lots of ideas. Thanks.

  6. I love the fact that this looks like a working kitchen with the chalkboard and bits in the tubs and boxes. Everything really works well together.

  7. So cool! Thanks for sharing your experimentation! I think I might dig the numbers on the wall best. ;)

  8. Brilliant!

    May I use the top photo (attributed, of course) in an article I'm writing for Uppercase magazine?

  9. i like this! one of my more favourite rooms :)

  10. Thanks much, ST!

    Ann, you can totally move in but I have to tell you that there's no running water or electricity...smiles
    You can get the floors at any dollhouse supplier = mixed wood flooring is the name, I believe.

    Ha ha, My Realitty--I would love to help you quickly get to that set of 6! Chuckles!

    Hey--it's the Pubdoll!
    Thank you lady friend. I am quite enamored with Wright Guide Miniatures. Too bad they are outside CA and their online site doesn't have everything they make. Cool stuff. Did I mention I loved your Halloween setup? Can't remember...Well, I did.

    Hi Shelly,
    You have to share what you come up with! Smiles.

    Thanks much, MrsPitStop!

    Hola CallSmall!
    The numbers started with the "I'm Okay...Are UK" post. I loved that random '3' a little too much. You'll most likely see it again...ha ha!

    Hey Shopping Sherpa!
    Let me know more about the article. In short, I don't think it's a problem to use the image--as long as I get the full credit/attribution and the image doesn't get used by the publisher for any other purpose. The images from this site pop up in the strangest of places--which is why I had to watermark. Let me know details via email, friend.

    Thanks Drey!

  11. this kitchen is what I want in real life!

  12. Hi, Do You Know Where To Get A Set Of The Reac Mini Chairs? Thanks

  13. Me encanta la idea. Una cocina muy actual y joven.
    Ahora que he encontrado tu blog me gustaria seguir las cosas que haces y no lo he conseguido. Lo intentaré de nuevo.
    Besos Clara

  14. Thanks Dragonfly!

    Hey Minnie Kitchen, I too am wanting to remodel in 1:1 scale these days. Let me know if you get that kitchen! Smiles.

    Hi Anonymous, you should be able to get Reac chairs from ebay, etradersplace and Angolz. Good luck!

    Me halaga, Clara. Gracias por tan bellas palabras! Disculpas por mi pobre español. Siempre suena como un niño. Necesidad de la práctica. Serio.