Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitchen Oh So Unfinished

Yeah...I didn't finish this one. This scene has been sitting incomplete for several days. My interest waned. Sorry peeps. It was time to throw in the towel. Chuckles.

You know what? I really need a new miniature structure. Okay...I'm using the word "need" here liberally. To move past this needful phase unscathed, I probably should go to storage and dig out some structures that I haven't tooled around with in quite some time.
I do wish there was something new and modern coming out on the market soon. Everything is next year and beyond. Sigh.

The Goods: Stainless Stove unit is ELF; Kitchen sink is Theo Klein; counters, bench and dining table are Momoll; dining chairs are REAC; storage unit is a combination of Plan Toys and Theo Klein; shelving unit is Mattel; accessories are Mattel, Mighty World, Mini Modernistas, Plan Toys, Bodo Hennig, ReMent, AG Minis, Moma and random run-of-the-mill hobby store supplies.


  1. I took "unfinished" to mean the unfinished look of some of the pieces here! It looks so clean. I love the Elf stove. How about playing with your 360 dollhouse? Or the Stockholm? Do you miss your K house at all?

  2. I like the serenity of your design.
    Unfinished is good!

  3. Hey Call Small,
    You know how I like to do the corny play on words...I didn't put in the wall installation or stage the table. Ahh was time to quit.Ha--how funny that I dug out the 360 this weekend. I still need to get some new Plexi pieces for it. I'm surprised the repaint still looks decent. I might even add wood floors to this structure. We'll see...
    I actually do not miss the K House. I am forever searching for the perfect modern dollhouse so I can have just one. I need something with true flexibility so I can build and explore more, man!
    Thanks friend!

  4. Thanks Neomig,
    I guess I'm always searching for peace. Ha!

  5. The unfinished, unfinished scene actually looks finished. You know what I mean right? The scene is great (I am a sucker for earth tones and natural finish) and that elf stove is freaking sweet!

  6. Well... there's the Bennett. Have you seen how big it is? That would take some time to explore, but not till next year?

    Time to build an Art Gallery? A Loft? Throw a cocktail party??? CM

  7. Noone does the natural look quite like you! Even unfinished it looks great! I love the Elf stove and that wall clock is gorgeous!
    Thanks for the link to the world of Marwencol, now my evenings are spoken for for a while :-)