Saturday, September 11, 2010

Felt Around The World

I think I have put together about two dozen room settings in preparation for this Design Within Reach (DWR) event. Only a handful of scenes will go on actual display though. Getting ready for this event is slightly more work than I had anticipated, however it did provoke me to check out the local craft store. While shopping, it became painfully obvious that I hadn't been to a craft store in several months because even after walking around the store for over an hour, I continued to ask myself "Hey, did you know that they sell some cool stuff in here?" Chuckles.

I definitely recommend the jewelry making aisles to all the modern miniature enthusiasts out there. There'
s some jewelry supplies that try to appeal to a trendy and younger crowd. I find that the trinkets, charms and pendants among these offerings can easily be used as accessories and art in a miniature setting. Two examples are shown on the Noguchi coffee table in the pic above.

I also stumbled upon embossed felt. I didn't even know that they made such a thing. It was marked 'New Item' but I'm sure my more craftier counterparts have seen this "anomaly" before.

I think this material is quite useful for rugs and wall coverings in a structure. Note that it still has typical felt properties, but it has a very nice texture that you can see in both photos. Plus, the patterns scale well in 1:12. Yeah...I spent too much money in that store...Sigh.

Since the DWR event was announced, I've been getting an increase of emails from people around the globe. It always surprises me when people reach out. Some of the emails that I receive are lamenting about the inability to attend the DWR event. This makes me think more seriously about how to coordinate a larger scale event that would allow the global modern miniature community to meet. The main question for me is location. What would be the most convenient geographical place to meet? Hmm...


  1. The selfish/lazy person in me submits a vote for New York City! =)

  2. NYC would be good.
    We can all stay at Altera's house! (ha)
    Seriously NYC works for me, I love to visit there.

  3. Hey MC,
    Have been thinking for over a year about a modernist show/get-together here in Santa Monica CA. And I have the perfect location ...a recreation center built in the fifties style with a medium to large-ish room that can be rented from the City of Santa Monica. What do you all think??? I even have an invitation that I designed a year ago, ready to send out. Admission & table fees would be reasonable and all modernist folk would be welcomed. I would love to see this happen...perhaps in mid-spring, so there is enough time to plan. RSVPs would be preferable, as this is not a great big hotel room, which would be far more expensive for everyone. I hope the readers will comment about this...I am willing to spend the time & effort or help you in any way possible, if you decide that Northern California is better.

  4. Hi Altera and Barb,
    New York is a possibility...Hmm.

  5. Hi Doris,
    Santa Monica could definitely work too. What coast (East/West) is ideal for international travelers? Is the U.S. ideal for such a meet up?

  6. I'd like to join definitely! I'm not sure wether I can afford such a journey, but why not? sometimes all things are going easily.
    Very hard decision for my first visit to overseas - westcoast or eastcost? I cannot say what I'd love more.
    Spring is more than okay, enough time to prepare!
    And I wish you all the best for the DWR-event. I'm excited for you and with you.
    All the best and greetings from Germany
    Oese (not able to post with my own account, sorry)

  7. This is too funny!!! I read this as I was finishing a post with my craft store finds, including jewelry accessories!!! I am always finding stuff on the clearance racks! I wish you the best for Thursday! I know it will be great and you know I WISH I could be there cheering on you and everyone else. I am so up for a meet-up. Of course, east coast is more feasible for me, but perhaps the middle is better? I love Doris' idea, too.

  8. I am so thrilled for your even and wish I could be there! You are a reluctant celebrity but a star to all of us who "knew you when."

    "Hey, did you know that they sell some cool stuff in here?"

    Uh, nowhwere. But thanks for the tips. You always find the needle in the haystack.

  9. We'd have to get a true poll going, but I like NYC too....but the most affordable place might/could be Las Vegas, as they have the best deals in flights and hotels, and it's alot easier to get around. We also have to keep in mind, the expenses of the vendors. We end up paying out the most, so we'd have to get an idea of how many people would plan to exhibit/attend.

  10. A tip to keep the cost of visiting the craft stores down... join their mailing lists! (Michaels, Joanne's, Hobby Lobby, etc)... They almost always have coupons out so that will help with the costs.

    As for location... while NY is a pretty good central location, the cost of venue location and rooms can be pretty high, unless you go more north of NYC. I vote Boston for East Coast, Denver for West Coast, and Houston for the middle. =)

  11. Nor Cal doesn't seem like the most affordable but So Cal or Vegas are cheaper flights if West Coast is preferred. NY would be great, more expensive but also an excuse to visit family, so I'm torn. I could not likely go if it was outside the US.

    Seriously, you find the coolest stuff. I have yet to see embossed felt at my local craft stores, but I will be on the lookout now.

  12. My Michael's just got the embossed felt in. Sadly they didn't have all of the great colors you found. No cream, just an ugly tan, and no blue. They did have the grey and snake skin pattern red that I picked up. Too much fun! Thanks again for the tip.

  13. Thanks Oese,
    A meeting of the modern miniature community wouldn't be right without you. However, I'd love to go to Germany...smiles. I can say hello in German at least. Not sure how far that will get me...chuckles.

  14. Hey Call Small,
    I'm totally spying on you, man! Ha! Ahh---great minds. Chuckles.
    You're right, hosting the event in a less expensive part of the country might be better. I do wonder how hard it would be to coordinate long distance...hmm. There's so much to the logistics of this, ey? We'll totally be thinking about you on Thursday.

  15. Hi Mary,
    Ha ha! Everybody always says that "reluctant celebrity" thing to me. I'm no celebrity. There's like 10 people who know I exist. I'm just some lady who pushes modern miniatures around. Chuckles.
    Oh and egad--I was trying not to plug Michael's----but it was that craft store that "robbed" me. Cheers!

  16. Hola Paris!
    Hmm...I think someone might be a little biased about Las Vegas (Smiles)---although you are right about getting good flights and hotel prices to that location. Plus, there would be plenty more activities to occupy the 1:1 time. We'll probably look at total estimated costs per location. I also think there's opportunity for vendors who do not make miniatures but cater to those who prefer a modern lifestyle. Much more to talk about---that's for certain.

  17. Thanks Ann!
    Yes, the lady at the register took pity on my total and gave me their mail promotion discount. Ha! Very nice of her. It looks like I should sign up.

  18. I like the Houston idea. It's right in the middle and it's dirt cheap!
    Plus, there's great Mexican food. (Ok, I know it's not the only place with great Mexican food,but it's definitely a plus. Also, you don't have to worry about snowstorms or earthquakes.)
    Truthfully, if I can get someone to take over my carpooling for a day or two, I'd go anywhere.

  19. I'm in DC but go to NY a couple of times a course I would say NY! A cheaper place may be on Long Island as far as rates on hotels are concerned. It's not too bad to fly into the city of NY and get to the island. And there are direct flights onto the island. But...DC would be great! Think of all of the history here! The Capital! Lincoln Memorial! The White House! We could all crash a White House dinner together! Bring the kids and husbands and let them get educated on history and we will just play with our dollhouses! OK...I'll stop now. Melissa

  20. i WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE TO SEE the show, but SF to far away. I vote for NYC...or how about here in Miami...totally a Modern Vibe.
    Have some local venue connections.
    Let me know