Monday, June 28, 2010

So Hape

I do not recall if I've mentioned how nice the bamboo dollhouse furniture pieces are from Hape Toys. I was quite pleased to learn late last year that they would be selling the room sets separately from their $500 Sunshine house. I purchased a few sets and have used them for quite a few room settings that, unfortunately, will never be published to this blog because I didn't photolog everything while I was on "a bit of a hiatus". I regret not taking photos of one particular children's room that I put together with the Hape pieces, but...bygones. Anywhoo--I've been mostly pleased with the versatility of the bamboo bookcase/room divider pieces that come with the Hape Living Room set. There are two of these featured in the above scene, as well as the entertainment center and storage table (from the bedroom set). Bamboo and Plexi a happy modern miniaturist make. Horrible sentence, yet still so true. Chuckles.

In other blah blah blah---Somehow word has gotten out that a San Francisco modern miniature event is tentatively scheduled for later this year. Some talented artisans, a toy company maverick and boring me are scheduled to be there. I've been getting several inquiring emails, but I'm not at liberty by the organizer to identify them or provide details about the event until closer to the date. So, if things go according to plan, I'll get that opportunity to meet some of you face to face. I'll post more information when I can...

Now for the Goods: Daybed is by Mini Modernistas; Eames Organic chairs are by Reac; modular bookcase, entertainment unit, rug and side table are by HaPe Toys; room screen is Mini Modernistas; center art is Rex Ray; All accessories are Mini Modernistas; Bozart Toys; Zuri; Plan Toys; AG Minis; Irwin; Playmobil; Selecta; and random action figure and hobby store finds.


  1. Ahhh, you seriously add a bit of happiness to my day with your posts. When I look at the sets I draw a blank, but when I see what you do with them, I think "perfect". Thanks for the great tips and continued inspiration! I'm just dying to know what house/s you will be bringing to the thing yet to be mentioned. :D

  2. This just made my day! You are tempting me to book trips that I really can't afford. Do any of your mini properties have Money Trees in the back? Wonderful post.

  3. Hola Mini Dork,
    Thanks much. I think I will play it safe and easy and bring only one house...of course, this is what I say today. Chuckles.

  4. Hi Mary,
    Okay, this cracks me up! I surely hope I don't influence anyone to liquidate their funds on this crazy hobby. I wish I could grow some money trees, man! Ha ha!

  5. Hi do we know if anyone has the Emmerson yet, or when someone will get their hands on one? Thanks CM

  6. Not sure, My Realitty
    You know, I've gotten quite a bit of emails from folks who are skeptical about the dollhouse being produced. I'm sure it will happen but have no idea when. You could write brinca dada and see what they say. I'm anxious to see what everyone in the mod community does with it. Gonna be some good photos...

  7. You're back! I'm so glad . . .

    This is the first time in a long while that I've had a breather to check mini blogs and I'm glad I did. I did feel a bit like the world was passing me by, especially when seeing the NYT article with my favorite past time, but, probably unsurprisingly, I wouldn't change a single minute of the past 4 months.

    Long term goal: find a house (a real life, comes with a mortgage house) for the little one. Get all of my dollhouse cr@p out of my parents' basement. Go to town.

    Short term goal: enjoy the mini eye candy on Mini Modern.

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Altera,
    Ha ha! Thanks! I'm kind of, sort of back. Can't wait till you "go to town". I always love seeing what everybody else is doing. Glad that motherhood is treating you well. Yes, it indeed has its up/down moments but I love it.

  9. Tech.advise needed
    I've got a blog problem which you might be familiar with. I posted last on June 12. I'd like to return to post and send photos but the system letys me enter a headline only.
    Did you experience anything like that
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    What would you recommend?
    Many Thanks

  10. Hi Neomig,
    I have never experienced that particular issue. I usually have to go through the blogger help page to find solutions to any blog ills. Sorry that you're having problems with the system. I hope it is solved for you soon.

  11. thanks for leaving a comment.
    I post from another computer.

  12. wow I'm speechless. i wish i could own a miniature set one day...