Monday, August 17, 2009

Green Dollhouse: Kitchen

I was able to use the original Plan Toys kitchen that is produced for this dollhouse. It has a very simple modern design, but I wish that the company had put realistic looking fixtures on the pieces and a sink. I'm okay with a painted cooktop, but a painted on sink lacks appeal. Course, these pieces are produced for child's play and made more for durability. However, I'm sure many kids out there would side with me on the alterations I'm chatterin' about.

I'm trying to give this kitchen the appearance of "world flavor". Since the father figure in the house is supposed to be an environmental scientist, you would expect this family to travel the globe quite a bit. Their kitchen is supposed to be influenced by a hodgepodge of kitchens that they have seen around the world combined with a simple style that "green living" suggests. There's not an oven with this Plan Toys kitchen set so I added a wood stove that the family can use to cook or heat the house. The bear rug? It just works for some reason.

The goods: The kitchen center and wood stove are Plan Toys; large shelving unit is DHE; Bear rug is PRD; Art is from potpourri mix; All accessories are Re-Ment, Plan Toys, Mighty World, Lundby, and various action figures. The dolls are Silver Acorn---Hey, there's still passion in a married with children relationship!


  1. I would so love to have a shelving unit like that, but unfortunately the one from DHE isa far too big for me! Loved the wood stove and the passion! The heat is on! (Our kitchen faces the street, so I don't think we will copy this)

  2. Ha ha--Pubdoll!
    Sometimes I see small jewelry boxes with a wooden partition insert that you can remove and it looks and works just like the shelving unit from the DHE. Also, I bet someone could make you a 1:16 one for cheap. If I see something, I will give you a shout.

  3. Awww... So cute. I love the scene, and I'm glad there are still sparks. Hehe.

  4. HEY--What a nice surprise! Hello Acorngirl!
    Yes, all these "sparks" might require you to make another addition to their family...HA HA!

  5. Have you seen this green dollhouse? It apparently goes on sale in November for a whopping $499. It contains solar panels on the roof which power LED lighting in the house. It doesnt say this in the description but I saw it on TV when it was previewed at some toy expo - it also contains an ipod holder in the living room so you can use your ipod or iphone as a "TV". Pretty cool.

  6. Oops, forgot the link!: