Saturday, August 15, 2009

Green Dollhouse: Bathroom

Okay. I tried to use the original Plan Toys bathroom furniture for this house but it wasn't working out. I gave it up and returned to the other pieces in my collection. I'll try to use those Plan Toys bathroom pieces another time. I know what you're thinking---where's the toilet? Compost, baby,...compost. Chuckles. Nah, I just couldn't work one into the scene.

The Goods: The tub, vanities and single shelving unit are Voila Toys; The large shelving unit and sinks are DHE; The hamper is Plan Toys; All accessories are Breyer, Re-Ment, Lil Bratz, Selecta, Theo Klein, Jazwares, Mattel and various action figures.


  1. Very nice set up - again!
    I think it's so great how you always use the green theme in the Green Dollhouse.
    Compost, baby - too funny :-)

  2. Thanks Pubdoll
    I know my humor is pretty lame but thanks for laughing with me. Smiles!

  3. I love the compost comment...we can relate over here. I cannot tell you how many times my son has...ahem...contributed to our compost pile in our backyard!!!! I like the green theme. Does this mean the Plan Toys bathroom pieces are not as useable as the others?

  4. Hey Callsmall,
    The shower/sink combo produced for the Green dollhouse looks like it has potential. I just couldn't use it for the room I was coming up with. The toilet that came with the set is not worthy---I gave it away. It's out of scale---like some other Plan Toys dollhouse pieces. However, the shower/sink combo would look better if it had different fixtures and a sink---it's a painted on sink which is not so great.

    Okay, is your son gonna be haunted by this comment about his "contributions"? Ha ha! And cool that you actually have a compost pile.

  5. The inhabitants of the Green Dollhouse are the ancestors of Starship Enterprise crewmembers (who, as everyone knows, aren't afflicted with "indelicate" bodily functions).

    (appropriately enough, my captcha is "skymizi")

  6. ha ha!
    And too funny on your reverse turing. I've had some captchas that were so very inappropriate. I always wonder if the computer is messing with me?? Do machines have a sense of humor?

  7. Haunted?? Nah, totally proud. He's one of THOSE boys who thinks anything related to the potty is hilarious. Yes, we have a lovely huge pile of compost that we have not really had to water this summer because of all the rain on the east coast. Now I just have to figure out a better kitchen receptacle for our food "trash." Currently, it's a stock pot on the stove that the fruit flies love. Nice image, eh? btw, my captcha has "micro" in it. Coincidence...? I don't think so!! :)