Saturday, February 14, 2009

Uh Oh...Natural Wood Modern Dollhouse On Ebay

I got busted by K.O. trying to keep this one to myself...okay, here is a great dollhouse/architect model on ebay. I'm not sure I will bid on it but I sure do want it. I'm starting to feel that the universe is aligned against my wallet...

UPDATE 4/27/2009
Uyek discovered that this house was designed by J.M. Cava and Mark Allen. Looks like you can possibly purchase this house via Life + Limb...


  1. Reserve is $499, and one bid is in for $99. I wonder if it will sell...I've already maxed out my mini budget this month! :(

  2. I saw this one myself earlier this morning and immediately thought of you. They said it cost them $1000.00 to produce and apparently the reserve is $500.00. I downloaded all of the pictures and hope I can have a knock-off, I mean high quality copy produced one day (smile). Good Luck if you go for it. Calling it beautiful seems an understatement somehow.

  3. Love love love it. And, likewise, my wallet weeps.

    *snap* That's the sound of my Husband clamping my wallet shut.

  4. I was trying to figure out the $1000 cost to produce. It seems very basic, doesn't it to be that cost? I'm guessing it is more about man hours than materials...not sure because I have no idea just how much work goes into building these---and I'm sure it is lots of work but not keen on how that translates into dollars.

    I've gotten lots of emails with people asking me if I was going to buy it--and one asking me not to bid because they wanted it(isn't that hilarious??!!)I am curious to see what other houses/models they have built.

    Ha ha!--I too have downloaded all the pictures.

    My hesitation with this house is "WHERE TO PUT IT?"...and Lord knows that there will be other temptations this year...

  5. I too found this house and just love it. Thanks for the message about the Malibu Beach House that was on Craigslist. I understand it will be listed on eBay on Monday. My budget says no more too so I will probably just print out the pictures and pretend!

  6. Hey, I could build a version of this for a walet happy price. I am an architectural model builder that was looking into building a modern doll house for my daughter. Maybe we could work out a deal for some input of anyones (scale, dolls, materials, etc.) for a good price on a house.