Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Heart This Kitchen

This modern kitchen was designed and created by Paris Renfroe of PRD Miniatures. This kitchen set has definitely become one of my coveted pieces. I'm pretty laid back about people playing with my houses and furniture, but this is one piece that makes me hesitate allowing someone else to touch. It's the kind of miniature that makes you smile and wish it was 1:1 and not 1:12. Whether you're into miniatures or not, you have to admit that this kitchen is a lovely modern design--the choice of wood, concrete finishes, deep stainless steel sink, cool faucet fixture and smooth ceramic glass cooktop...sigh.

The dining table is a block of wood with a Re-Ment made tabletop. The chairs were acquired from ebay. The wall/screen came from an action figure but I don't remember which one. The bar stools are from the Kaleidoscope House accessories. The art is Rex Ray. All other accessories are Re-Ment, Mighty World, and Lil Bratz.


  1. That is a seriously nice kitchen. I heart it too!

  2. I heart it too! That little wine rack is amazing!

  3. My modern miniature friends--
    You've got to go to Paris at least once in your life, right? Ha ha! Seriously, Paris Renfroe is very friendly, creative and seems to be able to work with all reasonable budgets. I am sure he can build something cool for you too.

  4. How much did the kitchen cost? And how did you get him to build it for you? I would LOVE to have one!

  5. I actually do not remember how much I paid for the kitchen because I bought a lot of stuff at one time. The best way to get Paris to build you something is to email him and start a conversation. He will help you develop a concept or design and tailor it to your budget. It's very very easy. You pay via PayPal. Email him at:
    He will guide you through the process. The dude is really friendly.