Sunday, January 11, 2009

Visiting Nina and Steve

"I want to be sympathetic to your one bedroom issue,"Nina said after listening to everything that Sheila had to say, "but at least you have more than one room to live in." It was then that Sheila decided that it was no longer cute or fun that Nina was always dressed like her.


  1. I really do love the trials and tribulations of poor Sheila. LOL

    Look at all those goose grease . . .

  2. Hahaha, poor Sheila.

    BTW, I was watching a show about fantastic wedding cakes and they gave a shout-out to Goose Grease for their cake toppers!

  3. These stories are great; it doesn't hurt that the characters remind me, fondly, of my childhood Fisher price people.
    Do you think Sheila will get a McMansion one day?

  4. Hello Little Luxuries,

    Yes, they did feature Michelle's dolls on the Art of Wedding Cakes 2. I really like them...course, you probably know that already. ha ha!

  5. Mornin' Uyek!

    I think Sheila would like to have an Eichler...wait, maybe that's me.

    ha ha

    I love this one:

  6. Just went to the website...How terrific is this Eichler? My dream would be to buy a dollhouse kit or plans for this goodie. Could you talk to your friends who were interested in our feedback as to what we would like to see in a dollhouse plan or kit? Maybe they could produce something just like this? As for me, this is it and I would look no further!

  7. Only $1.395M? Let's start a bidding war!
    It is lovely. My DH stumbled upon an entire enclave of Eichler or Eichler-like homes on a hill in Belmont. It's dreamy to drive through.
    Thanks for the link. One can dream ...