Saturday, November 22, 2008

What To Do With This Blog...

Sheila stood with her five children, looking up at the glass house that her husband Mike was showing them. It became painfully obvious that he indeed had an inability to understand how many bedrooms their family needed.
Mike beamed. He was proud that he had stumbled upon a modern gem of a house in a sought after neighborhood, "It's even got a pool!"
The kids were excited about the swimming pool. All Sheila could think about was that you had to go outside to get to the bathroom and to the single bedroom.
With a polite but faint smile on her face, Sheila let Mike show her around the property. "I think this is the ONE", Mike said, "Don't you think this is the ONE?--And the kids love it!"
"Don't you think it lacks privacy?", Sheila asked.
"I think it's a small price to pay in an effort to reduce our consumption while preserving the Earth's resources", Mike said, "And, babe, look at that view".
Sheila quietly wondered why she had chosen to marry this man,
"So...we wouldn't remodel?"
"Goodness no", Mike laughed, "It's perfect as it is--maybe a coat of paint here or there but the structure is fine."
The kids loved the house. "Daddy, I want to live here!", one child shouted, "And sleep on the roof!"
"Daddy, is this really going to be our cool new house?", another child asked.
"Well", Mike said, "That all depends on your mother."
Sheila remembered the last time she had disagreed with her family on a house purchase. It had ended badly.
In the end, she felt that she had no choice but to consent.


  1. YOU, my friend, are SILLY. Drinks this coming Friday? Yeah, I know it's after T Giving--let me know.

  2. Yeah, I am silly. I'll call you.
    BTW--When you say "T Giving"--it just sounds wrong.