Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guess Who's Selling The 1:12 Miele Appliances?

We got a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue in the mail today and they feature the miniature Miele appliances with their dollhouse collection. They are overpriced--big surprise there! For $60 you get the 1:12 modern dishwasher, microwave, stove, washing machine and vacuum. Unfortunately, they do not offer the cabinets or sink.

UPDATE 10/31/08
The lovely Doris N. just informed that Pottery Barn Kids has cancelled the Miele items because the supplier could not deliver. ARGH! Sorry ya'll.

UPDATE 11/13/08
Jill C. informed me that the Miele kitchen is available at Vacuums24x7 for $70, but
with the promo code "save10" everyone can save 10% and the shipping is free.

BTW (sidebar), have you seen the modern play kitchen that Pottery Barn Kids currently sells? It's a beauty but...

...this bitch is roughly $1,400+ for the entire set. Scary. I would rather spend $1,400 towards an actual kitchen. This retro one (pictured below) is cool and only $100.



  1. Hello,
    Just phoned Pottery Barn Kids....these items "have been canceled as suplier could not deliver in a timely manner".

  2. Argh!!! Darn you Pottery Barn. I would have paid $60 for the set.

    If you have to have them, Mini Bijou is selling them individually as of Oct 1.

    Miele washing machine, stove and dishwasher are £8.99 each ($14.50 US)
    Refrigerator is £7.99 ($13 US)
    Vacuum cleaner is £6.99 ($11.30 US)
    Microwave is £4.50 ($7.30 US)

    Plus shipping from the UK.

  3. If you are absolutely desperate, try Ebay U.K. Not cheap as now highly collectible and going like hot cakes - but worth a look.

  4. Hi.

    I just ended up on your blog looking for the Miele miniatures.
    I later found them on They don't send outside EU.

    Their prizes are:

    Cooker/Stove £8,50
    Washing machine, vacuum cleaner and dishwasher are £7,50 each.
    Refrigerator and microwave are £5.50 each.
    Microwave is £4.50 ($7.30 US)

    Happy hunting