Sunday, October 19, 2008

Empty Room

The platform/futon bed is a combination of Voila Toys and parts of a Dolls House Emporium bookcase. The chair is from Reac Japan; the sideboard/bookcase is from the Dolls House Emporium (Mackintosh collection) and the lamp is from AG Minis. All of the accessories are from Re-Ment, AG Minis and Bozart Toys.


  1. I feel like such a fool letting the dolls in this scene make me feel sad.
    What happened? Did they lose a child?? I notice the phone in the man's hand. They must have received bad news. Maybe an adoption process isn't going through?? Whatever. Brilliant!

  2. Hello,
    Who manufactures these dolls? They are terrific. Best I have seen.

  3. Amazing wallpaper!
    Yet again another great post.

  4. Thanks Melodys,
    I can't take credit for the wallpaper--it came with the Kaleidoscope House.