Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Philippe Starck Wants My Money…And Probably Yours Too

I was browsing through Unica Home and came across these. I always knew there were some great Starck miniature reproductions in 1:6, but never knew that now some of his furniture designs are available in a smaller "dollhouse" scale. I casually mentioned this to a friend and she said, “Oh yeah! That’s what I meant to tell you”. Maybe she is faking the absent-mindedness and has purchased them for me as a Christmas gift! Mmm…not likely.

My absolute favorite mini item is the “This is not a wheelbarrow” chair (pictured top left). And, of course, this tiny masterpiece is the most expensive item at roughly $500. These miniature replicas are priced about $80 - $500.

Images: Unica Home and


  1. Oh, these are lovely. Definitely a Philippe Starck attack on my wallet . . .

  2. There's Starck in 1:6?? Who else does 1:6? *Daffy goes to search, as she has been under the impression that 1:6 was the sole domain of pink plastic*

  3. Hee hee! I believe it's Vitra Design. They are expensive.

  4. If anyone makes the Louis Ghost Chair in 1:12, then I will give Starck my money =)